Why YES...I DO Live Out Of My Suitcase!

Good morning from Ohio!  Yep, I am back here to visit with Caitlin for a week.  Robby and Justin and David went with a group of guys to Colorado on a hunting/camping trip and I decided to come back here while they were gone for a visit.

Saturday morning I got up at that dreaded 3:30 a.m. to get ready for my 6:00 flight heading north.  Although I don't really like that early flight, it puts me here by a little after noon.  Caitlin picked me up at the airport and we went to eat at Olive Garden right away.  It seems that the little  mommy-to-be had dreamed about eating there, so how could I possibly say no?!  After lunch, we headed to Avon Lake, where they were having their city fall festival, to look around.  And what wonderful weather it was to have such a festival!  While I had just left 99 degree weather at home, it was about 70 degrees here with a mild breeze.  Hmmm...So THIS is what fall is supposed to feel like!

During this 2 Day festival, all of the antique shops in the area allow vendors to set up on their properties selling all sorts of items...

                              Fresh produce and home baked goodies could be found there...

                                                   As well as a variety of scarecrows.

                                 How unique is THIS one, made will all sorts of gadgets?!

                    And, of course, touches of Halloween could be found everywhere...

I even found someone selling these vintage elves I collect.  I added two more to that collection for only $2.50 each!

Caitlin and I had such a great time looking around down town and when we were finished, we headed home to get Kevin so we could eat some dinner.  After dinner, my early morning rising and traveling began to catch up with me and I took some medication that the doctor prescribed before I left.  Sadly, during the middle of the night I had an allergic reaction to it and got really sick.  I had planned to attend church with Caitlin on Sunday morning but when I awoke I realized that it was pretty late.  Fortunately the medication had worked its way out of my system by then and I had caught up on my sleep too and felt alright.  I made some chicken salad sandwiches for our lunch and then Kevin settled in to do some reading and resting, while Caitlin and I decided to go get a pedicure...

I had seen this place when I was here before and decided right then and there that we would be trying it out when I returned.  In the front is a little bar area where one can get coffee, tea, wine or a martini to enjoy while getting their nails done.

                                                     Look at those clouds on the ceiling!

Low lighting, a flowing fountain on one wall, clouds on the ceiling, awesome massage chairs and drinks...Now, WHO couldn't enjoy that?!

This nail salon can be found in the Crocker Park shopping area so when we were finished with our pedicures, we set out for a little shopping.  Mommy Jarrell's baby bump was beginning to show and she needed a few little transitional items.

After we finished shopping, I suggested going to get some groceries so I could cook dinner each night.  We went to the Giant Eagle and I was so impressed that we got preferential parking...

How AWESOME is this?!  We don't have it where I live.  Caitlin told me they also have reserved parking for mothers with small children.  I could have SO used that when my 4 kids were small!

We returned home and I made a big pot of chicken tortilla soup and we all settled down to watch television.  This had been a good day and I couldn't WAIT to spend the next entire week with my daughter! 

                                                              HAPPY FALL, Y'ALL!

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