Ummm...No; I Am NOT A "Senior"! (yet...)

It all started with those nasty AARP people.  Apparently when they find out you are about to turn 50, they put you on a mailing list and from then on you CONTINUOUSLY receive mail from them (UGH!).

The first time that piece of AARP mail arrived in my mailbox, I just sat there and stared at it for a moment...How DARE they put such a thing in MY mailbox (Hmph!).  I immediately tore it up and threw it in the trash can.  Now, THAT made me feel much better.  However, those people, I have found, are quite persistent.  They just keep on and keep on sending me that crap and I in turn keep on tearing it up and throwing it away.  HEY!  We could save an entire forest by them just taking ME off of the list!  Anyway, I try not think about my age much and do EVERYTHING physically possible to slow down the effects of aging.  Yesterday, though, I was once again slapped ever so softly in the face with yet another reminder that I could perhaps be a "Senior" (shudder...).

A few months ago, I dropped my family membership at the gym I had been going to for many years.  Robby had built me a gym here at home and it was just more convenient for me on busy days to work out here.  But, now that Caitlin's wedding is over and she has moved, Parker has gone back to school 3 days a week this year and my life has slowed down for a while, I decided that I would go back and take out a single membership.  The only thing that I really wanted the membership for was to get back in my yoga classes.  And so I made my way down there to re-enroll.

I was in luck with rejoining the gym since they had a special going on for the month of September; I could get half off of the enrollment fee if someone would recommend me as a new member; in turn, they would get one free month.  That was a win/win situation and even a complete stranger would recommend someone for a free month.  Well, I got that discount and then began signing papers.  I told the kid at the desk I felt like I was signing papers at a loan closing for a house...initial here, print your name there, sign your name on this line...I had a packet of papers when I was finished!

As the young college boy was getting ready to add up my fees, he began to attempt to see if he could apply any other discounts; that was nice of him.  "Do you work?"  "Nope.  I don't qualify for the corporate discount."  And THEN it happened...with eyes averted, he said, "We have a senior discount...You're not a senior, are you?"  I had to think for a minute...what constituted being a "Senior"?  And then it hit me...CRAP!  I don't want people to start asking me that question.  The AARP people started this mess and now EVERYONE was going to get on the band wagon?! (sigh...).
As I was staring into space, pondering the answer to that question, the young guy redeemed himself be saying, "55 is a senior."  WHEW!  I said, "Nope!  I'm not a senior yet."  He then told me he didn't think so but was just trying to get me another discount.  Hmmm...I don't know whether THAT was true or not but I liked him once again.

And so, yesterday I went back to yoga. They all thought I had fallen off the edge of the earth but I assured them that I was back again...And I might add, NOT as a "Senior"! (yet...)

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