If You Like "Quirky"...You Will LOVE "Bunheads"!

I have fond memories of the days when Caitlin was in junior high and high school.  She would come home from school, grab a snack and we would settle down in the den to watch some of our favorite television shows.  One of the ones we liked the best was Gilmore Girls.  We were so sad when that show was over, so can you imagine my elation to find out that the writers of that show had written another show with apparently just as quirky characters?!

If you were a Gilmore Girls fan, it was probably because of many of the same reasons we were.  We loved the close relationship between Lorelai, a single mother raising her daughter,  Rory,  in Stars Hollow, Conneticut.  We loved watching Rory grow up with her quirky friends and Lorelai's romantic relationships along with those feuding moments with Rory's grandmother.  We loved the quaint little fictional town of Stars Hollow and wished that our town was that quaint.  Everything about that show grabbed us and held us for years.  And I also suppose we now remember it so fondly because it was during Caitlin's own high school years that we (together...) watched that show.

Naturally, when I found out about Bunheads it had already begun.  I immediately began searching my television to see if repeats of the show were already being shown and was actually in luck since I found a Bunheads Marathon! (I love television marathons...and the ability to tape shows!).  I set my timer, taped the entire season and anxiously awaited for the moment when I would be able to just sit down and watch the episodes all at once.

Bunhead (a slang term for ballerinas...) is about Michelle, a former ballerina turned Las Vegas showgirl, who marries and moves to the sleepy little coastal town of Paradise.  She ends up teaching alongside her new mother-in-law in her ballet studio.  And guess what?!  The grandmother (Kelly Bishop) from Gilmore Girls also plays the role of Michelle's mother-in-law, Fanny, on Bunheads!  OH MY GOSH...just hearing her voice brought back memories of the Gilmore Girl days (sigh...).  And "quirky"...QUIRKY rules the day in this show!  Everyone from Michelle to Fanny to all of the girls in the studio and town have their oddities and I JUST LOVE IT! 

As I sat down and began watching the show, I found myself at the end of each episode barely being able to wait to turn the next one on.  I was so glued to the T.V. that when Robby came home from work that day, he settled in to do some work on his computer and I just continued to watch; I found myself both wanting to get to the end to see what would happen and not wanting it to end at all because I enjoyed watching it so much.  Pithy, quirky, whimsical...Bunheads is all of that and more!  I cannot wait for the next season to begin.  The only thing that could make it any better would be if Caitlin and I could sit down together in the den once more on lazy afternoons to watch it together...

                                             Tune in to ABC Family Channel to see "Bunheads"

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  1. it sounds like a cute show. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo