Don't Bath Towels Last FOREVER?

It was brought to my attention the last time all of the kids were in that perhaps I needed to invest in new bath towels.  "What do you mean?  My bath towels are perfectly fine," I replied.  One daughter-in-law was actually folding some of those towels for me at the moment and held one up to show a very frayed edge.  I said, "Just tear that edge off and the towel, itself is fine."  Another was held up to show me that one could see through to the other side.  And then, David said, "Mom, you have Ninja Turtle towels in the cabinet...I am almost 30 years old!"  Well, those are good towels too, I replied.  But then the question was asked that I had been waiting for:  "Just how long have you had these towels anyway?"  "Why, since your dad and I were married...32 years ago."  And that brings me to this weekend.  A weekend where my husband insisted on buying new bath towels.

Having never really shopped for bath towels, himself, Hubby rushed over to the towel section at Bed Bath and Beyond in search of some fresh threads to dry off on.  I was having a bit of an anxiety attack because I knew how much towels cost and truthfully, I could find something much better to spend my money on than bath towels.  And besides...mine really were still good.

                                              We entered the "towel section" of the store...
          And Hubby went in with a BANG!  Pulling towels out.  Look at them and feeling of them.
                  I, on the other hand was noticing that there was such a thing as "designer towels"!
                                                        That were pretty EXPENSIVE!!
    OH MY GOSH!!  Who in their right mind would actually spend 40 bucks for a TOWEL?!
And so while Hubby was still popping towels out, I continued to search for something a little more affordable to dry a wet body off with.  20 bucks...still too much.
Nope!  Still too expensive for me; especially if we were going to buy more than one or two.  Which I suspected we were (sigh...).
Hmmm...We were getting there but surely I could find something a little less than 10 bucks a towel.
And then I did!  I  moved Hubby over in the direction of these towels and then I had to decided on colors.  Well, truthfully, the more expensive towel had prettier colors, but I was confident that I could find something in this section.
                                            I did and then Hubby started filling the buggy up. 
How many towel were we going to get anyway?!  I sent a photo of this to the kids, who cheered him on and told me to have a glass of wine afterwards.
              The pile of towels that would make their new home with us continued to grow.
                             And then before I knew it, he had moved on to the kitchen towels!
As we were checking the towels out, I had to make a deal to throw one bath towel away for each new one that was purchased; 24!  On our way to the car, I sent a text to the children that said, "Question:  Do I have to wash all these towels before using them?!"  The replies began to pour in, some saying yes, some saying no.  I said, "How about let's just say we did and don't?"

I got home and sat those bags of towels in my house and just looked at them.  I wasn't going to deal with them until Monday.  On Monday, I pulled them out, started tearing the tags off and folding them (true to my word, I was NOT going to add to my already heavy laundry load...).  I was also doing laundry that day and began to take my old towels out of the dryer to determine which 24 would "bite the dust".  As I went through them, I still thought they really weren't as bad as the children said they were.  I sent them a message that said, " I have a BIG dilemma.  I don't know where to start with throwing these towels away because there are some perfectly good ones in there."  To which I immediately received several replies:  "Start with giving up the ones you can see through.  Then, the ones you catch your toenails on or get your fingers stuck in; just remember handles were not meant to be in towels."  As you can clearly see, I was dealing with a bunch of funny guys.  But I started making my pile...
And yes, I threw away the Ninja Turtle towel and a see-through Bambi one and the ones with the frayed edges.
I sent them this photo with the caption:  "Happy now, children?"  To which they replied, "Those look great!  But where are the old ones?  And I hope you aren't keeping those all in YOUR bathroom."  UGH!  Children.  Bossy little suckers, aren't they?

Well, to answer the question of "Where are the old ones?"  That is "classified" information of which "The Children" are not privy to!  Because after all, "Don't Bath Towels Last Pretty Much FOREVER?"

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