Our Gardening Adventure: Part 3...We Are FARMERS, That's What We Do!

I watch that garden of mine like a hawk and so, the other night I was checking the weather (because that's what we do...we farmers, that is...) and gasped when I saw that the temperatures were going to drop back down to freezing!  OH MY GOODNESS!  It had been 80 degrees the day before; what was happening here?!  I quickly told Hubby that we had to cover everything again so as not to lose all of those tender little plants.  We got out flashlights, tarp and buckets and hurried out to cover our soon-to-be produce.  WHEW!  That was a close call but the garden was saved and now the time had come to fertilize those little plants to give them a growing boost.

                               As you can see, everything is beginning to coming up nicely!

The blueberry bushes are still small but are getting a little bigger since we have put fertilizer stakes around them.
The olives are kept in these pots, so every time we have a freeze warning they are easily moved in to protect them.
This is some of the squash we planted just outside of the garden (because we ran out of room inside...).
These are bush beans (green beans).  We also planted them outside the garden and they have only been planted for about one week!  Apparently, beans grow pretty quickly.
                                               The blackberry bushes are growing well too.
We thought we had lost this blackberry bush but were surprised to find that it had reseeded itself and has started coming up again!
                                                 The nectarine trees are getting there too.

                      Yesterday, it was time to fertilize and see if we can boost those plants of ours.
Hubby poured all of the fertilizer into a bucket, gave me a cup...WAIT!  That's one of my good cups (sigh...).  And told me to get out there and help him fertilize the garden.  He told me, "You said we are farmers.  This is what farmers do."
He told me to just take a cupful of the fertilizer and make a ring around each plant.  That was easy enough.
                                                    After the fertilizing, then we watered.

And now the watching continues.  This gardening thing is pretty fun so far.  It's not too big for us to be stressed out over and can be easily covered with the threat of a freeze; I wonder what "real" farmers do?  For now, all we have to do is water and wait.  Oh, and and when we go out of town, find someone to water it for us.  HEY!  We are farmers (OK, "gardeners"...), that's what we do!

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