Our Gardening Adventure Part 2: "Does a Watched Garden Grow"?

I know that you must have heard of that old saying, "A watched pot never boils".  Well, I was wondering if that was also true of a "watched garden".  I can see it from the windows across the back of my house.  Just sitting out there.  And I am waiting for it to grow.  Or for me to physically "see" signs that it is growing.  And so, every day or two I walk out there to check out the growth progress.  And, of course, to water it if there has been no rain.

Just one week after planting our garden, the temperatures dropped down to freezing.  Luckily Robby had been watching the weather and we were able to get out there and cover it with a tarp.
                To me, it looks as though my little plants are growing.  These are my tomato plants.
                                                                            And squash.
                                        The cucumber plants appear to be getting bigger too!
I glanced over at my orange trees and could see that they were beginning to put out some green shoots.
And look at this one; there is a little bloom on it!  Surely that must mean they are making some progress.

I wonder if a "watched garden" grows.  Can one possibly check on it too much?  Well, if so, then I am guilty, as charged!  But hey, I'm excited about being a gardener this year.  I can't wait to see those plants bending over with fresh produce and I'm anxious to try my hand at canning!  I really hope that a "watched garden" does grow...and quickly (could I be considered an impatient gardener too?) because I plan to continue watching it.  Even if that mean from the distance of my window!

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