I Went In Search Of Bovine...

I went in search of bovine the other day with my camera in hand.  We live in an area where there are lots of fields with crops...and herds of cattle.  As I had passed through certain areas on my way here and there, I noticed that the grass in the fields was a beautiful green color with a heavy sprinkling of yellow flowers that made a fabulous backdrop for the cattle that were grazing there.  And then my obsessive personality took over and I decided that I MUST photograph some of these bovine!  But my dilemma was being able to catch them close enough to get a shot.  And then I noticed in the evenings (Yes, I was stalking cows.  I told you I was obsessive.) that they would come in to feed and so I just kept my camera in the car with me at all times and pulled over every time I saw a shot I wanted to take.  I went in search of bovine and here is what I found...

These were taken with my camera.  These bovine were found fairly close to my house and pretty much my inspiration for photographing them in the first place since I had to pass them daily in my comings and goings.
And on my way home from our lake house, while traveling the back roads, I came upon these cuties.  I was so excited to see this big pasture filled with them and LOTS of calves out there too!   However, when I slowed down (In the middle of the road...HEY!  Nothing was coming up behind me) and snapped the first shot with my phone, those babies took off running!
                                        But, fortunately, I was able to get a couple more shots.
                                                           Now, how beautiful is this?

I'm sure this will not be the last time you will see bovine here on my blog because I am not done with them yet.  Actually I think this obsession with photographing them has suddenly sparked another inspiration...I just might pull out my watercolors and paint them next!

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