So Tell Me Again Why I Can't Have A Goat?

The look on my husband's face was quite priceless the other day when out of the blue I said, "Can I get a goat?"  He cut his eyes over in my direction and said, "No."  Well, no has never really meant "no" to me so I questioned him as to why I couldn't have one.  He told me for one thing, a goat would eat up my whole yard.  I thought about that for a moment and said, "Couldn't we just fence a little area off for the goat?"  Hubby then finally said, "WHY do you even want a goat??"  I had that answer ready:  "We could milk it and have goat milk...and make goat cheese."  He added, "And eat it?"  "NO!!  We would NEVER eat my little goat!"  And then he pulled out the big guns..."Our neighborhood does not allow livestock."  "We don't live in a neighborhood," I replied.  He informed me that although we didn't live "in" the neighborhood, our legal papers said that we were part of it and had to go by its rules (hmmm...a likely story).  I asked how they would even know we had a goat since our property is fenced in and he replied in his best goat voice, "Baaa...".  Again he asked me why I suddenly wanted a goat, to which I replied that I had seen pictures of my friend's goat and thought it was so cute.  He told me I sounded like Miss Kay on Duck Dynasty.
                                    Here's a picture of my friend's goat.  Doesn't it look cute?

So, I'm not sure if after that whole conversation Hubby really meant that I couldn't have a goat.  I'm thinking it meant, "I'll think about it..."

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