A Boat, A Book, A Cup of Tea...

A boat, a book, a cup of tea.  What more could one ask for as a relaxing afternoon?


April Showers Bring May Flowers!

I love spring!  Even though I have to fight through all of the pollen, spring is just beautiful here in the south with all of the flowers beginning to bloom...and I LOVE to see all of my flowers in full bloom each year.  We have also had just enough rain this spring so far to make that old saying, "April Showers Bring May Flowers" true.
       My roses.  I love that I can see my roses from the kitchen window.  They make me smile.
The yellow flowers in the background are Louisiana Iris.  They grow wild here but one can find them tucked into most Louisiana landscaping.
                        Here is what they look like growing wild on the water at our lake house.

Flox.  Any variety, I love.  This is a flower that continues to multiply each year and really puts on a show in the spring.
             And all children love to pick flowers to bring their mommy...or YaYa, in this case!
    April showers have definitely brought about some lovely May flowers this year in the south...


A Hoppin' Good Easter!

We had "A Hoppin' Good Easter" around here last weekend since EVERYBODY in my BIG, FAT, SOUTHERN FAMILY was home.  Yes, it was chaotic, messy and loud but I loved every minute I got to spend with the whole crew!  We had Holli's 1st birthday party, went to Easter service at church,  dyed and hunted eggs, ate chocolate bunnies and Peeps and just had an all around good time.  Here are some of the shots I took to capture some of those moments...
                                   Poppi set the egg dying up outside after the birthday party.
                                     Soon EVERYONE, old and young alike, was dying eggs!
                               And there were PLENTY of babies to go around for EVERYONE!

                                The night before Easter, we filled the baskets for the next day!

We decided to attend the middle church service the next morning and hold off on giving out the Easter baskets until we got see how that worked out!
                                     YEP!  Candy was definitely eaten before church that day.

After church, we came home to have a fish fry for lunch...But FIRST, I had to get some shots of everyone in their Easter frocks...
                                      The BIG KIDS wanted to take a picture on the play set...
                                                       Me too!  I jumped in the next shot.

                                                     And then it was time to hunt the eggs...
And this photo?  It's the faces of one happy Poppi and YaYa!  We had a WONDERFUL weekend with all of our kids and grands.  We are BLESSED!