Arriving in Cudjoe Key

We drove for 2 days and finally arrived in Cudjoe Key Sunday afternoon late.  It was a long drive from Louisiana with bouts of heavy rain along the way.  But well worth it to wake up to sunshine in the sky, a warm breeze and soul soothing water within eye's distance from our balcony.

It is so peaceful here; the quite and solitude.  Not even a lot of noise as I sit outside.  I can hear the fronds of the palm leaves being blown by the wind; occasionally the hum of a car as it passes in the distance.

I was totally at odds whenever we booked our trip for 2 months this year because my mother was either dying or had just passed away.  I can't remember which because I seemed to have drifted around in a daze for well over a month after her death.  But Hubby knew.  He knew that this would be just what I (we) needed.  A calm in the storm so to speak.  And for his intuitive foresight, I am thankful.

Often times it takes me a while to settle into a new place but this place felt like home instantly and I sleep well during a rainy night and awoke to the sun shining brightly.  As I try to make it through this grieving process, I am attempting to take care of myself, almost habitually if you will.  I'm trying to set new patterns and habits that are good for me.  Thinking of the good instead of dwelling on my sadness.  So, I got up and fixed myself a cup of warm lemon juice that I have been drinking every morning and then settled into a session of yoga (I brought my mat so that I could do this daily either here, by myself, or in a studio nearby.)  The soft music coupled with the flow had me feeling really pretty good.  That is until I laid completely still during savasana.  The words and music began to play and for some reason my mother's face popped into my head and tears began to flow down my cheeks.  It's the first time that has happened during yoga for me, although others have said it's happened to them; deep emotions being pulled to the surface.  I told myself it was OK; that grieving is just a normal process.  Just move with the ebb and flow of it.

I got up and grabbed a cup of coffee, my Bible and study books and made my way to the upper deck where I sat reflecting.  And truth be told, I could sit up there all day long with the gently breeze blowing its warmness across my face.  And I may just do that some days.  Well, at least while Hubby is either fiddling with his fishing gear or fishing.  But I must say that I do believe that this place is pretty perfect and I intend to soak up every bit of it for the next couple of months.

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