Fishing in The Florida Keys & Reese's Book Club Reading

We are settling in here in Cudjoe Key.  Got all unpacked and bought groceries.  Right now our lazy days consist of Hubby fishing and me reading.  For now that's just fine with me.  Yesterday as Hubby was leaving for fishing I called out, "Bring dinner home!"  And he did.

So while he was fishing, I was reading.  I usually only use my Kindle to read on but I decided I wanted to hold a real book in my hand so I grabbed a few to bring along with me.  I was walking through Marshall's one day before I left and came upon A Wrinkle in Time just laying there.  It's one of the books I never read when taking a children's literature course in college but always wanted to.  I picked it up for just a few dollars and yes, I know it's a movie now but there is just something about the written word AND there are follow-up books that I can read too!

And then I found out that Reese Witherspoon has a book club...What?!  How did I not know this?  Anyway, as I was scrolling through Instagram one day I noticed that she was holding up a book and mentioned that it was her new book club selection.  So I googled it (of course...) and found an entire list of books that she had recommended on Instagram which all sound great (and several I had already read).  There are 15 that I'm really interested in so as I was shopping in Sam's Club one day I found a copy of The Light We Lost and am currently reading it AND A Wrinkle in Time simultaneously.  FYI, if you are looking for great children's books and adult novels go to Sam's Club; they have the BEST books at great prices!  Now is the perfect time to start making your summer reading list so check out Reese's picks!

Life in The Keys...I could sure get use to this!

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