Little Cigar Shop in Key West

When I was a little girl my grandma kept things in cigar boxes.  I thought they were so neat, magical if you will.  They were a little hard to open if the lid was mashed in but you never knew what sort of treasure you were going to find inside.  They don't make boxes like that anymore, they make a more modern kind that just don't seem as magical to me, perhaps it's the fact that I'm a grown up now...nah, it's the box.  Anyway, I'm talking about cigar boxes because on a little jaunt to Key West the other day, as we were walking down the street we were about to pass a cigar shop and as I turned around Hubby had stopped to peruse.  Well, at least I though he had just stopped to peruse because as far as I was aware of he didn't smoke cigars.
I followed him inside and he was actually looking at the cigars seriously as I was looking at the way they had the cigars displayed.  I thought they were artfully arranged so I pulled my camera out and snapped a few pretty neat photos.

                                          Welcome to The Island Cigar Factory in Key West!

 Look at all of those cigars!  I love the way they are displayed.  The red coupled with browns and blacks.
                                These wooden boxes that the cigars are displayed in are so cool.
                                                     Each cigar is individually wrapped.
                                         And this sign on top of these cigars says it all; Cuba!

So, as I finished up taking photos I looked over at Hubby who was now seriously talking to the gal in the shop about cigars.  Huh?  Next thing I know he's buying three of them.  I think well, I guess he's maybe getting them for a friend, perhaps a souvenir?  But when we got home, I went to get dressed for dinner and walked out of the bedroom looking around for Hubby.  I glanced out on the balcony only to find him smoking a stogie.  Oh my dear goodness...he's taking this "When in Rome" thing a little too far I think.