Sunsets and Champagne

Whenever we decided to travel back to the Florida Keys for a longer period of time this year, I told Hubby that I had a list of the best places to see sunsets.  My intention was to take photos in each location so I could later print and frame them.  Now, seeing a sunset may not be a big deal for you but y'all, the sunsets here are just gorgeous and not to be missed if you ever find yourself here.  I packed  my camera and set out for the first location, Malory Square in Key West.

We called and made a reservation at a restaurant outside on the dock and settled in to watch the sunset.  I also had decided that I would watch each of these "best" sunsets with a glass of champagne to celebrate God's handiwork and show gratitude for another day.  So, I got my champagne and we ordered our meal and then literally TONS of people crowded out on the dock in front of us.  All we saw were the back sides of them instead of the sunset that evening.  Needless to say, I was not too happy about that.

  Let me explain something here.  When I set out to do something I will not be deterred.  Call it determined, obsessed or whatever you will; a few days later we headed back to Malory Square.  With camera in hand we made our way down to the dock early, I grabbed another glass of champagne and then got right next to the railing so I could get some photos.  Very quickly people began to crowd in behind me but I didn't budge; I was going to get my photos this time!

And then the sun began to set and I started snapping some photos in succession because I love to see the different stages of a sunset.  Then suddenly a few clouds appeared and there went my sun; behind them (sigh...).  I did get a couple of great shots though and I'm happy with them.

I suppose I will check Malory Square off of my list for now and move on to one of the other locations on my list...

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