When Things Go Too Far: Shame on Michelle Wolf!

I only keep up with the news because most days Hubby either leaves the television on in the mornings or he clicks it on in the afternoon.  Otherwise, I have taken to not watching much of it because of the negativity.  I did, however, hear about the White House Correspondents' Dinner the last night and was absolutely appalled by the treatment of Sarah Sanders.

I read an article about how, as a representative of the White House, Sarah Sanders was in attendance at the White House Corespondents' Dinner.  She deals with the press on a daily basis and I know that she has had to put up with some push back from many of them.  Even about her pecan pie.  However, the things comedian Michelle Wolf had to say about Sanders with her only feet away were abhorrent.

People, let me just put this out there:  Hurtful, hateful things are not funny.  And that is the only place that these sort of remarks can come from; pure hatred.  And why?  Because she is a conservative, republican?  Because she works for President Trump?  Do any of these things warrant another individual coming out and not only criticizing the manner in which one does their job but also one's appearance?  Making fun of their name, even?  Attacking them, in essence. I have to stop and wonder about people who do these sort of things and carry this sort of hate around with them.  How were they raised?  I know for a fact that if any one of my (adult) children pulled a stunt like that I would turn them over my knee!

What it took for Sanders to sit there and take every insult that was thrown at her is commendable on her part.  And probably not something that any of us would be capable of doing.  I know that I would have either gotten up and left quietly or gone out in a flame of glory as I screamed, hollered and stomped my feet right then and there!  OK, so you now know why I'm not in the public eye.  But think for just a moment about how you would feel sitting in a room,  full of people watching you be publicly bullied.  And folks, that's exactly what it was; bullying.  And not one person stopped it then and there.  Oh, they have come out today against it, but why didn't anyone have the courage to stop it while it was in progress?  Because, we have become numb to what is right and what is wrong.  Our moral compass has gone way off track as we have become more and more tolerant of those who do these sort of things in the name of comedy or their 1st Amendment Rights.  I know, I know, some have declared,"It was a Roast."  Y'all, she wasn't Roasted, she was burnt to a crisp.

She sat there, held her head high and absorbed everything that was said about her.  And then she left. Went home and in the privacy of her home probably shed some tears.  I don't know this to be true but I imagine that's what any of us would have done had we been attacked so vehemently.  Sarah Sanders has more class and beauty than any of those hate mongers and I would just like to say, "Shame on you, Michelle Wolf, shame on you."

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