A few years ago, we finally purchased the "lake house" we have always wanted. We (the family) did a few home improvements to make the house more aesthetically appealing. This got our new little place looking more updated in no time at all. We also decided that year to begin a new "family tradition"...a 4th of July celebration! We generally have somewhere between 20-40 people of all ages show up; mostly family, but also some close friends as well. Oh, we go all out...food, fireworks, volleyball, horseshoes, swimming; you name it! This year, the 4th just happens to fall 6 days prior to David and Codi's wedding day (what was I thinking???) Also, a couple of months ago, we decided to embark on a more extensive remodeling project for our quickly expanding family. Eventually we will have 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms...however, for now we are down to 1 bathroom. I told Robby that the one issue I could forsee during the weekend might be with this. He said he was sure that it wouldn't cause too many problems...SURE! (considering that half of the people in attendance have IBS). So, I stocked up on toilet paper and was also thankfully able to get the plumber to install the continuous heating hot water heater; since 9 of these people would be staying overnight in the house...for several days.

People (and 5 dogs) began to filter in and the single bathroom didn't seem to be too much of a problem...at first. The next morning, things became a little more challenging. I don't know about you, but when my feet hit the floor in the morning, the first thing I need to do is "potty". So, peeking out of my bedroom, I noticed it was vacant and I hurried toward it, not knowing when I might be able to get in there again. Soon after, I began making coffee and Robby began cooking breakfast and everyone else started waking up and moving around. I heard Caitlin ask Ryan if she could go ahead and get in there a take her shower first; she promised not to be long. After quite a while, a could hear Ryan knocking on the bathroom door and reminding her that she SAID she wouldn't be long (define long...). "Well, I had to shave my legs...and wash my hair. But, I won'tbe much longer". "OH MY GOODNESS!", he said. About this time, Justin appeared on the scene and announced that if he couldn't get in soon, he would just go off the back porch! Then, Ryan becoming more agitated by the second, finally asked exactly how long could it possibly take to shave your legs. And then stated that he was about to take off running and ram the door with his body AND he didn't care if she was sitting in the sink and he knocked her to the floor. Sitting in the living room quietly, holding his little 3 pound poodle and watching television, Pa-Paw (who is 75 years old) said, "If that door opens, could somebody just throw me my teeth so I can eat breakfast?" Well, EVENTUALLY Caitlin did exit the bathroom, but catching it available when you needed to "use it" became more and more difficult as the day wore on. But, we did not let a little thing like this ruin our "Fun Family Forth of July Celebration". However, quite frequently, you could hear deals being made around the corner..."Hey, what do you have to do Number 1 or Number 2 ?!?"

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  1. I love the dog sitting at the table with Robbie eating!