So...My Daughter is a Prize Fighter?!

David's wedding week started out with a "BANG", so to speak. After the fireworks display on the 4th, Ryan, Caitlin and a couple of other friends decided to head down to the Marina. The Marina is a local watering hole for young and old "river rats", alike. People meet up with friends and hang out on the deck or shoot a little pool inside. One can find a volleyball sand pit set up on a permanent basis, but on the 4th of July weekend, there is also a D.J. playing music outside and the owner can be found grilling hamburgers and hotdogs underneath a tent; free to anyone who happens to show up.

After their grandmother inquiring as to what one does at the Marina (to which Ryan replied, "socialize"), they headed out. Upon arriving, things were going pretty well...UNTIL Caitlin's ex-boyfriend arrived on the scene. You know, break-ups are never good and some are worse than others; this break-up was one of the latter. At the same time he arrived, several things were going on simultaneously. Ryan approach the "ex" just to let him know that he held no hard feelings toward him because ot the break-up. I know...GUYS! They handle things so differently than us girls. Their calm and logic totally baffles me. However, while this conversation was taking place and Ryan had returned to visit with some old high school buddies, across the room, a very different convesation was going on. Some girl sitting beside Caitlin when the "ex" came in said, "You know, I'm really glad you decided to break up with him because he was cheating on you...with one of your sorority sisters!" Immediately tears sprung to Caitlin's eyes and before anyone could have imagined what would happen next, she had jumped up on a stool and announced to the entire place what a lying, cheating loser he was (while also pointing him out, I might add) and then announced WHO he had been cheating on her with! Hopping down from her perch, she stormed across the room and demanded to know if it was true, to which he replied, "No." "WRONG ANSWER!", she shouted, as her fist came back in position to punch him. However, Ryan saved the day! He reached her before her fist reached the "ex's" face, jerked her little 95 pound body over to a chair and FIRMLY sat her down. "Now, you're acting like a redneck...sit down and behave", he said. About that time, one of the high school buddies he had been talking to before (one half of the team he refers to as the Bash Brothers; this from their constant tendancy for fighting) tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, I don't know what's going on and I don't really want to be the one to throw the first punch, but if someone else did...I think we could take 'em." Wide eyed and shaking his head, Ryan thought, "Oh my goodness...we have got to get out of here. I won't be going to dental school if a fight breaks out, but we'll all be going to jail instead."

Well, they did finally make it home and from what I understand woke the entire house up when they arrived; well, all except me for some strange reason. However, the next morning, I was filled in with all of the details of the previous evening. I was not terribly shocked because I suppose my boys (and Caitlin to some extent) have worn me down and broken me in over the years. Again, I will say, "I'm not that parent that says...oh, not my child; they would never do that. I say...OK, now, how were you involved?" Caitlin felt bad about the situation the next day and did go and apologize to the owner (who had already seen the incident on his video). He told her no one was hurt and no damage was done and he actually said that this was the first time that anyone had come to him to apologize to him for something like that. THAT, perhaps is what sets us apart...we are as "normal" (whatever that is...) as the next person, but we do have a sense of responsibility and own up to our faults.

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