Justin & Sarah's Wedding: PART II: The Wedding Day

The "family breakfast" was not to be. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but I really should have known not to "plan" another event for the day and just "go with" whatever happened. It was to be an afternoon wedding, so there was a lot to get done in a very little amount of time. That morning, it poured rain. In the surrounding cities there were tornadoes, so the skies were black and the wind was whistling as the rain came down. Finally, just before it was time to leave for the church, the weather broke an the sun came out. We were about to leave our room when Caitlin (a bridesmaid) removed her brand new shoes from the box. As she slipped them on her feet, she discovered that one of the straps was broken...GREAT! I was still running around doing last minute things, so Robby sat down with a needle and thread and began sewing it back together...THEN, we were off to the church. We arrived in plenty of time to not feel rushed; I was relieved about that. However, as we were exiting the car, I heard Caitlin say, "OH NO!" ( that's never good). She bent over to grab her purse on the way out of the car and the zipper on her dress had broken in the middle! As we stood outside the car with the wind whirling around our heads, we tried desperately to move that zipper one way or the other...NOTHING (except, perhaps the gaping hole got a little larger). Rushing into the church, I knew we were there ONLY an hour early (funny how I went from being relieved at being early to being concerned at ONLY being an hour early) and I had to do something quick! Upon entering the vestibule, we saw the wedding coordinator cheerily heading our way. "And how are we all doing this morning?", she asked. "WE are not doing very well right now, for you see, Caitlin has broken the zipper on her dress," I stated. The smile slipped right off of her face as she moved forward to examine the damage. She also attempted to move the zipper, to no avail. Then, she looked at it and said, "What should we do?" GREAT! Time was ticking down, we had a broken zipper and NOW I've got to tell the wedding coordinator what to do?! "Get me a needle and thread", I said. "I will sew her into the dress." She found me a little sewing kit (the kind you would find in a woman's purse) and we hurridly set off toward the bathroom. BUT as Caitlin moved her foot...her OTHER shoe strap broke! (they obviously just don't make things the way they used to...but still charge premium prices for them). Robby snatched it off of her foot, got his own needle and thread (he even made the wedding DVD...him sewing the shoe) and we headed to the bathroom. I hiked my dress up, got on my knees and began sewing. During this time, people came in and out to check on the status of the dress, but I couldn't stop to look up...I just kept putting stitches in. I'm not sure how many times I threaded that needle, but I sewed Caitin into that dress from her neck to the top of her hips (we had to cut her out of it that night). Lucky for us, the bridesmaids had a wrap they were to wear with their dresses that covered my handiwork. We eventually walked out of that bathroom with only about 10 minutes to spare..but we had made it! I didn't get to mingle, so I wasn't sure who all was even in attendance. As Justin ushered me down the aisle, all I could chant in my head was..."Just let me make it to the reception...just let me make it to the reception..." And we did...FINALLY!

I have found that weddings can be fun, but they can also cause a great deal of stress. We are presently 3 days from David's wedding and things ae really beginning to "heat up" around here. I told Robby that I am a veteran at this wedding stuff now (a shell-shocked veteran, perhaps) and I have a "plan" for Friday and Saturday. I'm going to buy some handcuffs and he is to handcuff himself to David for the duration (only unlocking them for the ceremony). Surely this will alleviate some think?

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