A Special Text For Mom

A text message came across my cell phone at 7:50 this morning. It read, "You are the greatest mom ever. I hope you had a good time last night." My David! He could never know how much I needed to receive that message from him today. It put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. For, after all the vows had been spoken and the dancing had been done, I found myself feeling a little sad. Although David has lived off for some years now (Texas, Pennsylvania and Kentucky), getting married is just more permanent.

The wedding day, itself, was a very busy one. Four of David's friends from medical school (who had just taken their boards the day before), were driven in by one of their professors. Along with them, there were 9 other people at the house already that morning. Robby quickly began making a huge breakfast consisting of biscuits, 3 pounds of bacon, 3 dozen eggs and numerous pots of coffee.

While this cooking fest was going on, I had other plans of my own to attend to. I had scheduled 3 back to back to back hair appointments for Catlin, Sarah and me...so, I needed to get on the road pretty quickly. As I was about to leave, David reminded me that I needed to drop Codi's wedding band off at the jewelers that morning also. Oh...did I fail to mention that they took her wedding band to the jewelers the day before to have it cleaned (I know...it's brand new; why have it cleaned?) and 3 diamonds fell out and had to be put back in the day of the wedding? Well, I dropped the ring off and jetted back over to the hair salon, where Caitlin was already waiting. She was definitely "multi-tasking" that day...getting her hair done while eating a sandwich AND polishing her nails all at the same time. She was in a rush because the bride and all of her bridesmaids had to go prepare themselves for the wedding at Lloyd Hall (an historic plantation, approximately 45 minutes away). RUSH was the word of the day!

Just as we were about to leave for the church, I heard the rumblings of thunder (what is it with storms and wedding days with us?)...and then the rain began. It didn't last very long; just long enough to cool things off a bit, which we desperately needed. I arrived at the church just in time to help all of the guys and grandmothers get their flowers pinned on. And then, the chime rang 6 times to mark the hour, the music began and we were lined up to enter the sanctuary. Prior to entering, I kept telling my mother and mother-in-law that I really did NOT want to light the candle. You know, in my mind, so many things could go wrong. OK...WHAT IF the heel of my shoe caught on the carpet? WHAT IF I slipped on the steps going up to where the candle was? WHAT IF that candle wouldn't light? This "candle thing" really had me worried. Well, they told he, "You don't have to WANT to light the candle...you just HAVE TO DO IT (ugh!). So, nervously I made my way toward that dreaded candle and just as I suspected...it didn't want to light! The air conditioner vent was blowing so hard that I had to just stand there trying until it FINALLY lit. The processional began and before we knew it...our babies were Mr. & Mrs. After what I thought was a reasonable amount of time taking pictures, we left for the reception...my "Favorite" part!

The reception was held at the Art Museum and it was PACKED! The first floor was very crowded due to the fact, that was where the food could be found. So, I headed to the third floor where the band was playing. I found so many people I didn't even know were there! We danced the night away. So much so, that the bottom of my feet were BLACK (now that kind of freaked me out knowing that the floor was that dirty...and I'm not really a bare foot kind of girl usually either). BUT...FUN we had indeed!

Eventually, we made it home to find two things awaiting us: First, there were a number of people swimming and hot tubbing AND second...the main air conditioning unit in the house was OUT! Well, normally I would have pitched a fit, however, I was WAY too tired to really even care if it was hot...and luckily it wasn't too bad with the ceiling fan blowing on us.

So, the text that David sent me was the BEST gift I could ever get from him on the morning following his wedding..."You are the greatest mom ever...WOW! And I DEFINITELY had a GREAT time with him on his special day!

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  1. We are back home and it was a fabulous, fun time. The whole three days. Loved everything!