David Duty & M&M's

This is your challenge...if you are so inclined to accept it (actually you have no choice; you MUST accept it). These are the words I spoke to Robby Wednesday night. His job would be to keep David by his side for the following 72 hours. After noticing how "hyper" David was, he said, "I don't think I signe on fo this." "OH YES YOU DID!...When you became his father, you signed on for this," I stated.

You see, these "wedding festivities" have put a little stress on all involved (And this is from the groom's mother speaking). And, I for one could see the lid about to blow off of the pressure cooker. I realize that most brides would like for their wedding day to be "perfect". However, when one sets their goals too high, sometimes things come tumbling down at a very rapid pace. And I could see this happening with our little upcoming event.

Earlier in the week, David was running (physically; perpetual motion) around trying to appease Codi , helping with last minute wedding details and I...well, I had absolutely chewed the end of my tongue off, biting it; to keep peace, you understand. Just when I thought I would have to resort to using sign language (because of having no tongue left)...the pot blew, my tongue had new life (kind of like how a lizard's tail regrows) and IT WAS ON! the screaming, hollering and hand flailing began with a fury. It was as though a tornado was swirling through the place. Apparently, it was a catharsis of sorts because everyone went their way, cooled off and all was well by the evening meal. At that point, I decided that the new rule would be (I KNOW...I'm not really a "rule person", but that's only if I'm not the one making the rules): No one is allowed to get married in this family again for at l.east 3 years! It takes that long for me to recover.

Just when I thought I was at the very end of my finely frayed rope...I got a text message (yes, although my husband HATES this habit of mine, I absolutely LOVE text messaging; it's kind of like writing notes in school). It was from my very best friend in the world...Lori! Lori had actually just arrived in town from Dallas to prepare all of my floral arrangements for the rehearsal dinner. You see, our families have been good friends for over 20 years (Wow! that makes me sound old). Lori and her husband have 2 identical twin daughters who are right between the ages of David and Justin; both are married. She also has another daughter who is a year younger than Ryan. Lori is a floral designer in Dallas and is extremely creative; she does beautiful work. Lori is that friend that loves all of the things that I love; antique shopping, unique dishes, cute little cocktail napkins...and she finds the BEST bargains ever. Whenever Justin got married, Lori met me in Hot Springs and started a new tradition for us..."M & M Day". She scheduled us both 30 minute massages, made us luscious white chocolate martinis and we ate M & M's. Upon getting her text, I sent back..."YAY!" Finally I would get to have a little down time. When she showed up (we made sure all of the guys were gone), she came bearing 2 brand new martini glasses (one for her and one for me)...and a brand new drink to try..."Coole Swan". All I can say is, YUMMY!..

Although there was no massages this time (where could we get those at that time of night?), we sat and talked and had a really nice visit. Then, suddenly the door burst open and all of the guys came barreling in! The magical calm moment was gone. However, Robby had done good, even though he said he was worn out from "David Duty". He complained that it was a very difficult job and he didn't know how much longer he could handle it. To which I replied, "48 more hours! Those are the most crucial hours leading up to the wedding, you know."

So...we are now 1 day and counting until the wedding bells ring. Let's hope that Robby has the stamina to keep up!

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  1. Way too much fun last night, you did a beautiful job on the rehearsal dinner. Everyone was having a great time. Thanks for the visit the night before. Gotta love M and Ms