T'was the Day Before the Wedding...

T'was the day before the wedding
And all through the house
EVERY creature was stirring
EXCEPT for the mouse...and that was because he was afraid he would be stepped on.

The rehearsal dinner (my "official" part) is over and FINALLY the "Big Day" has arrived. I've come to terms with my piled up laundry and items strewn from one end of the house to the other (well, not really...but what choice do I have?)

Yesterday, I awoke to sleeping guys all around the house, wherever an extra bed or couch could be found. It was very reminiscent of the old days when the boys were younger and everybody would end up crashing at my house. Sixteen of them had golf tee times lined up for that morning; groomsmen, dads, grandfathers, friends and cousins. I was up early because I knew that I had the rehearsal dinner to organize that day. While moving around and making coffee, I glanced toward one of the couches. Then, I heard a "moaning" sound coming from that direction. Hmmm...suddenly, up jumped a groomsman, running toward the bathroom. I listened and heard throwing up. "NO WAY!", I thought. Robby had done his "David (and other)Duty" well the previous night, having everyone home by 10 o'clock. No one was impaired when I went to bed...how could this be ?! He didn't come out of there for a very long time and the others began to get ready for their golfing adventure. And I say "adventure" because if you knew all of these guys...well, they probably shouldn't even all be in the same vicinity of each other at the same time.

Very soon, we realized that the "sick in question" had a stomach virus. OH NO! I put him to bed (as Robby says, I always put the sick in an "isolation room"), gave him some medicine and David set an ICE CHEST (what was he thinking?) beside the bed just in case he threw up again. THEN...the spraying began! I'm somewhat of a "germ-a-phob" and yes, my family makes fun of me because if this. However, Lysol is my best friend in situations like this. So, I disinfected all I could (including the patient) before I left to prepare the Melady House (a local historical plantation home) for the rehearsal dinner.

I had lots of assistance with my preparations and everything looked lovely as we all left to dress for the dinner. Upon arriving home, I checked on my patient. It was 3 o'clock and he was still in bed, but the symptoms had subsided. I knew I had to get him up and moving to get to the church. After making him get in the shower, I began stripping linens, raising windows and spraying so much Lysol that one of the dogs began coughing and choking. Getting a little Sprite and crackers in him, we all left for the church.

Once there, it was a bit chaotic (imagine that!). I'm pretty sure I was the only one listening and when it gets time for the actual ceremony, no one will know where to go or what to do, BUT regardless...the show will go on in all of its grandeur!

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