All The Crew Will Be "Back in da Boot" This Weekend!, I am SO excited that I can barely stand myself!  All of my kids will be "Back in da Boot" (yep!  Louisiana) this weekend.  Caitlin only gets 2 Fridays off this entire semester and this Friday is one of them.  Knowing this ahead of time, we booked her a flight for Thursday afternoon so that she would have 2 1/2 whole days with us.  Ryan gets an entire week out of dental school for Mardi Gras (only in Louisiana...), so he would also be coming home.  And finding out that the rest of the crew was coming in, David and Codi weren't about to miss out on all of the fun.  Sarah and Parker were heading to her parent's this weekend, but Justin would be staying in town to work...THUS, all my little chickies would be in one place together again...Natchitoches!

The Lake House is pretty much finished and finally usable again, so we decided that would be where we would spend the weekend.  I haven't seen Caitlin since we dropped her off in D.C., around the middle of January, so there are LOTS of things we "need" to squeeze into this short period of time.  First things first...I lined up a massage for her at the gym, while I would be working out.  She, like most of my other family members, is not a big fan of working out, so I needed to find something that she would enjoy; a massage would be perfect!  While I was at it, I also lined one up for the following week for my little Pooh Bear (Ryan...); he tells me dental school is quite stressful.  After the gym, Caitlin and I would head to town for a little visit to all of our favorite boutiques, some lunch and a mani and pedi.  By that time, Ryan should be rolling in from New Orleans and we would all head to the Lake.  And believe me when I say this...the Lake is a perfectly peaceful retreat, where everything just slows down a bit.  I had big plans for Saturday there, as well.

One of the things that the kids (especially Caitlin) was looking forward to was eating some crawfish.  Crawfish season is in full swing here now, so we decided to have a crawfish boil on Saturday.  Having all of the kids in one place at one time is quite rare and I knew that all of the grandparents would want to see them, therefore, they would all be invited to come spend a relaxing afternoon on the porch, visiting and eating crawfish.  But, while we waited for their arrival, I thought whoever was there at the time might like to take a little trip downtown to Front Street.  Saturday mornings on the brick-paved historic streets of Natchitoches, are very laid back and taken at a slow pace.  I'm sure we will visit the cooking shop, where they will be offering yummy samples of their foods and then pay a visit to the corner coffee shop, where they now offer our favorite Little Cakes Cupcakes.  After that, I thought we might hop in a paddle boat and cruise up the river a ways.  After making the rounds on Front Street, it would be time for the crawfish boil on the back porch, enhanced with some good music and animated conversations.  Ahhh...this southern living; there's nothing like it!

When all the grandparents and other guests leave for the day, I feel quite sure that the decks of cards will come out.  With everyone home, one of the kids' favorite past times is card playing.  Oh, believe will get very loud and lively before it's done too!  Then, as things settle down for the night, we will all prepare to get up early the next morning and head back to town for church.  Church is a very important part of our lives and week, so no matter if we go to the Lake for the weekend or not, we are always back in time for church on Sunday morning.  I'm sure that David and Codi will leave shortly after lunch on Sunday and Caitlin will fly back to D.C. on a late afternoon flight. Justin will go back to Natchitoches, anxious for Sarah and Parker's arrival home.  But I will still have one of my little babies here...and for an entire week no less.  I am REALLY EXCITED to have the whole crew here for the weekend.  It isn't often that it happens this way and we take advantage of it when it does...because in "A Day in the Life of a Mom", having all of her little chickies back in the nest at one time is all that matters!

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