Saturday's Really Random Revelations...

Good Morning!  The weekend is here again along with another edition of my "Really Random Revelations".  Remember that these little tidbits are just for fun.  They are fleeting thoughts that have passed through my head at some point during the week.  I hope while reading them, they will make you smile and perhaps come up with a few of your own.

1.  I love sitting outside at night when the sky is clear, the stars are bright and all you can hear is the sound
     of crickets chirpping.

2. " Supper" is a southerner's dinner.

3., these little "retro owls" are super cute AND one of my new favorite things!

4.  I just LOVE picnics...ants, grass stains and all!

5.  Teach someone to is empowering.

6.  Nomads, gypsies, the whole wanderlust concept...I GET IT!

7.  EVERYONE needs a little "RETAIL THERAPY" now and then.

8.  Be honest with will find it very cathartic.

9.  I really do like spring...well, except for the pollen.  However, I DO know that it is a necessary evil...I
     DID watch "THE BEE MOVIE", after all!

10. How can ANYONE not like a cupcake named, "ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT"?!  It is yellow cake with
      chocolate icing and sprinkles on top.  AND I can truly attest to the fact that it DOES have the ability
      to "adjust one's attitude"!

Well, there they are...Another set of "Really Random Revelations"!  I hope that they put a little smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes on this beautiful Saturday morning.  Feel free to comment on any of mine and add a few of your own.  Now, get up, get out there and ENJOY your weekend!  And by all something REALLY RANDOM!

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  1. I had a liquid attitude adjustment in Baton Rouge last weekend, you can buy them on Lee Drive.