Saturday's Really Random Revelations...

Good Morning!  I'm back again for another edition of my Really Random Revelations.  Remember...these are merely thoughts that have raced through my head and I decided to share with you.  They are not meant to be taken seriously, but hopefully compel you to perhaps smile or add a few of your own.

1.  How wonderful it is to get lost in a good book.

2.  Mick Jagger was right!..."You Can't Always Get What You Want"!

3.  The ocean has such restorative powers.  The sound of the lapping waves is the Earth's lullaby to a weary

4.  A true southern girl NEVER wears white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day!

5.  I like dunking cookies in my coffee...YUM!

6.  I've been told that I "Move to the Beat of My Own Drum"...AND...your point is???

7.  I'll admit it...I sing out loud in the car...and occasionally dance my 70's music!

8.  Don't you just love to sleep on freshly washed sheets?

9.  I just love it when a child says, "Let's pretend...".

10.  I passed a field of clover the other day.  Do you remember making clover necklaces?

Well, that's it for this week's Really Random Revelations.  I hope that you enjoyed reading them.  Feel free to comment on mine and leave a few of your own.  Now, go out, enjoy your weekend, have some FUN...and by all means do something RANDOM!

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