Saturday's Really Random Revelations!

Well, I'm back with some more of my really random thoughts this morning.  Remember...these are merely a few of my random thoughts that run through my mind.  They are not meant to be serious or have any hidden intellectual meanings. goes!

1. Music Is a wonderful gift that can even be found in nature.  Walk outside and listen...there is often
    times a musical symphony performing, with birds singing, the wind whistling and crickets chirping.

2.  Life is a series of choices one makes...make good ones!

3.  Dorothy was right...there really IS no place like HOME!

4.  I was just wondering if anybody knew when they started making the writing so small on the back of
     medicine bottles?!

5.  I may be a Ya-Ya (aka...grandmother), but I shall NEVER have gray long as they keep
     making bleach!

6.  Find something you really like to do and then immerse yourself in it totally.

7.  Don't let anyone tell you that you are limited in what you can do; the mountain may be higher for
     you to climb but you can eventually get to the top if you just continue to climb.

8.  Another really good thing about that south is...we eat grits...doused with butter...and cheese!  YUM!

9.  I like quirkiness.  If everybody were exactly alike, what a boring place the world  would be.

10. Don't you just love a sugar bowl?  Take your pick...a bowl where one keeps sugar, a football game or my personal favorite...that sweet spot on a baby's cheek where the SWEETEST sugar can be found!

Well, that does it does it for my really random revelations again.  I hope they perhaps made you smile or even think of a few random thoughts of your own.  Feel free to comment on mine or add some of your own.  Now, go out this weekend, have FUN...and by all means do something RANDOM!

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  1. and... our children will never learn to not put plastic in the bottom rack of the dishwasher, until they have their own place and smell something burning.