Saturday's Really Random Revelations...

Good morning!...And WELCOME to another Saturday of my "Random Revelations".  I had so much fun doing this last week, that I decided I would perhaps like to do it every Saturday morning. we go again.  And remember, these are just crazy, little random thought that run through my head.  They are not to be taken too seriously, but will hopefully put a little smile on your face!

1.  Isn't it funny how we spend our entire childhood trying to find ways to avoid naps?...Only to find that
     when we grow up, we LOVE napping, but cannot find the time to take one.

2. I LOVE hot, homemade bread, fresh out of the oven...slathered in butter!

3.  I think there's really something to aromatherapy; have you ever felt better after lighting your favorite

4.  I LOVE my pets.  They listen to what I have to say, never talk back, don't judge me and always meet me
     with a wagging tail.

5.  Is there anything better than a hot bubble bath?...any time?!

6.  Listening to water trickle over the surface of rocks is very relaxing.

7.  Why do ordinary women attempt to look like movie stars?  Don't you know they don't really look like
     that; cameras have magical abilities.

8.  Manis and Pedis are BEST when shared with someone!

9.  Why would anyone CHOOSE to wear black EVERY  day?...There are so many pretty colors out there!

10. Listening to good music is like taking a pleasant trip down memory lane.

Well, there they are for this "random revelations".  Feel free to comment on mine or add a few of your own.  Now, go out and have fun, enjoy your weekend and by all something Random!

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  1. Love being able to throw a wedding shower for friend's kids! Doing that today! Have a fun weekend with the kiddos.