A Rainy Day In The South...

The wind blew Wednesday as the clouds rolled in.  We had made our preparation and settled down to watch a movie and eat our warm soup.  Every now and then I would walk to the door and open it just to see what the wind was like...it was blowing pretty hard out there.  But this was not unusual when a hurricane or tropical storm was on its way.

                                                     We moved furniture under the patio...

                And took umbrellas down and turned chairs over so they wouldn't blow away.

                              The blue skies from the day before had suddenly turned gray.

The lights flashed a couple of times and I looked up at them and said, "Please...no, no" and they never went completely out (whew...).  Our generator was hooked up and ready to go but I really didn't want things to get to that point and was thankful that they hadn't yet.  Ryan was home and I had checked in with my other children, my mother and my sister to let them know to call my cell phone in case we lost power to the land line.  I finally settled down to work on a project I am currently knitting for "Baby Jarrell" and hoped for the best.  When I went to bed, the wind was still blowing terribly hard and I could hear it howling through the windows...

                                         You can see and hear the wind beginning to blow...

I awoke a couple of times during the night and noticed that we still had power; I could feel the cool air above my bed blowing down upon me.  I fell back asleep and got up close to 8.  The wind was now blowing lightly and the rain had set in.  Others in our area had apparently lost their electricity but we still had ours and I was really thankful for that.  I walked to the kitchen, grabbed a cup of coffee and then decided to let the doxies out while the rain was only lightly falling (they really hate getting wet...).

Since neither the wind nor rain was terrible Thursday, I got up and headed to town to attempt to organize my new art studio space...

David and Codi, who had been staying with her parents while in town, called to say that they had lost electricity and would be heading our way soon.  Robby and I met up with them, ate some lunch and I finished setting up my art supplies.  After that, I headed home to where Robby was preparing chicken on The Big Green Egg.  David received updates on the status of his electricity from Entergy in New Orleans,over 600,000 customers had lost power during the storm, he was one of those customers.  Ryan thought that he possibly had power, but neither had to be back in the city until after Labor Day.

 I enjoyed having my boys home for a few unexpected days and was very thankful that we, in Central Louisiana, had not been hit hard by this storm.  My prayers, however, go out to the many families in south Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama whose homes flooded and they now find themselves in shelters.

Today may be the rainiest day we have had here.  I can hear the roll of thunder, the skies are dark and overcast and it continues to rain.  Is it too much to hope to see the sun tomorrow?

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  1. Prayers for safety .Thank you for sharing your lovely post at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Linky Party xo