California Dreamin'...

OK...So I will have to admit that there are a few advantages to being an "Empty Nester".  One of those advantages is being able to just pick up at any time and hit the road (or skies...) to far away places.  We did just that this week; we are in San Francisco!

About a week ago, Robby and I were floating around in our pool trying to beat the heat when we thought, "We just need to get out of here to a cooler place for a few days".  And just like that, a quick plan was formulated!  Having been to California during the summer for the past couple of years, we knew that it would give us that cooler climate we were longing for, along with some beautiful scenery and a last little end of summer get-away.  While doing our last minute planning, we instantly thought of our "Empty Nester" friends, Doug and Sandra.  We called and asked if they would be up for sneaking away for a few days and saying they would love it, we were all set.  San Francisco was to be the destination and late Sunday afternoon, we flew out heading to the west coast...far away from our southern triple digit temperatures for a few days!

Leaving late put us in San Francisco late but when we walked out of the airport that evening and felt the cool breeze, we knew we had made a good choice.  We got to our hotel and although the clock said 11, it felt like 1 a.m. to us.  Walking in, in the distance I noticed a warm fire burning in a beautiful fireplace...yea, at the end of awesome is that?!

We all decided to retire for the evening and get an early start the next day.  When I awoke, I was alone in my room.  I wondered where my husband was...why Curious George was playing on the television and why in the world someone wasn't placing a hot cup of coffee in my hand.  I grabbed my freshly charged cell phone and sent a text out to Robby.  As usual, he had gotten up early and  been out walking around the city.  I requested that hot of coffee and he brought me some back while I began to get ready for our first day in San Francisco.

When I walked outside I was LOVING the fact that I wasn't sweating profusely and I could actually breathe.  It was a nice crisp 50-something degrees (ahhh...).  After grabbing a hot breakfast we set out for the day.  Here are a few things we did...

We hopped on a street car so we didn't have to climb all of those steep hills in San Francisco.  Every time I heard the bell ring I wanted to sing that Rice a Roni song!

                                                    We ended up at Fisherman's Wharf...

                        Where they make that wonderful San Francisco sour dough bread!

 Some of this bread is made in the shape of animals!  I was thinking if I made my sour dough bread, maybe I could talk Ryan into sculpting some animals for me too!

OK...So, how cool is this alligator?!  This would be awesome to have at an LSU or Saints football party!

                     Of course we had to go to Pier 39 to see those playful sea lions too!

                                      And grab a quick snack from the fresh produce stand...

But we were only here for a few days so we had to move along and see everything we wanted to see while we were here.  We went back to the hotel, got our car and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito...

                            We all decided we would LOVE to live in this "City With a View"!

Robby went into a little children's clothing shop where we had bought Parker Ann an outfit before she was even born while visiting here before and found an End of Summer Sale...He bought a BAG FULL for her this time!

                              Robby showing off his purchases to the men...Isn't that cute?!

Well, we had done a LOT on day one so around sunset we headed back over to San Francisco where we ate dinner.  Had I know what "adventure" the next day was to bring, I'm sure I would have chosen a heartier meal!  Come back tomorrow to hear about that little "adventure"...Every vacation NEEDS a little "adventure", doesn't it?!

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