Good-Bye, San Francisco...On To Other Places Now...

The day we were leaving San Francisco, Robby decided that we should eat breakfast at the Number 1 Breakfast spot there, Dottie's True Blue Cafe'.  This cafe' was quite a walk for us, but well worth the walk;  it was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  While researching this restaurant, we knew that we would possibly have to wait in a line again.  Fortunately we got there before the line extended all the way around the corner of the building.

 I LOVED the decor of this little cafe'.  It was designed to look like a speak easy, with the wooden floors, brick walls, photos on the walls and of course, the music that was playing in the background.

          They had these beautiful marble bars; some where customers could sit and eat too.

THIS is what Robby ordered for breakfast!  A yummy open-faced omelet that had tomatoes, avocados, roasted corn and feta cheese as some of its ingredients.  I will definitely be asking him to make some of these at home for us!

I chose eggs with their signature potatoes, some apple chicken sausage and some toasted dill bread, which is actually a biscuit dough that has been baked in a bread pan and then sliced up and toasted.  OK...I'm going to try that at home!

After breakfast, we walked back to our hotel and prepared to leave this wonderful city.

And EVERYBODY knows what an "adventure" flying with my sweet hubby is.  As things turned out, he really shouldn't have worn that long sleeve shirt and jeans on the return trip...he's always "burning up" and once we sat down he immediately began fiddling with the air vents...then he called the flight attendant...THEN I noticed him putting ice under his armpits (sigh...).  I, however, did not say much; my thyroid medication had apparently started working and I wasn't having those "flashes" much any more.  But I COULD relate to his misery...

When we arrived home at around 9:30 p.m., we were still wired on California time.  We needed to get to bed but sleep was not coming.  And I needed to get some because Parker Ann would be coming the next day to spend the weekend with us and I knew I would need my energy.  Oh well, San Francisco had been a quick but fun little trip.  Now, I had to get all of my clothes washed up and ready to pack again in a week's time.  We would be heading to Chicago for two days before then traveling to Cleveland to visit Caitlin for the first time since she had moved.  Ahhh...the life of an "Empty Nester"; it's not so bad after all!

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  1. It sounds like you guys had a great time! "Ice under his armpits", I love it. lol. Coming by to visit from Katherine's hop!