Somehow I Ended Up In New Orleans This Week!

When I returned from our quick trip to San Francisco, I was jet lagged a little bit to say the least.  There was not much time for me to recuperate though, since Parker Ann was spending the weekend with us.  Unfortunately, she also got her very first stomach virus and we spent most of our time changing diapers and eating jello, Popsicles and drinking Sprite.  My little doxie, Annie, also came home from boarding very sick and has now been in the pet hospital for 4 days on an IV.  Now, I somehow find myself not at home again this week, but instead in the BIG EASY!

I knew that Robby most likely had to be in New Orleans to work for at least a day or two this week, but generally I don't make the trip with him.  He asked me if I would like to drop everything and spend a few days in the city and well...YEA!  OF COURSE I WOULD!

Two of my four children live in the New Orleans area so it would be a great time for me to get to catch up and visit with them.  Ryan has been living here, attending dental school, going into his third year now and we usually stay with him.  David and Codi have only been living here for a couple of months; David is doing his residency with the LSU system.  On this particular trip, we would be staying with he and Codi.

Tuesday morning, I had to drive to Shreveport (2 hours...) for a visit with my prosthodontist to schedule the next part of my dental implant surgery (ugh...).  I then drove back home, packed a bag and then Robby and I headed to New Orleans (3 hours...).  Needless to say, I was worn out by the time we got there.  After going out to eat at a local diner, I hit the hay and didn't move until after 9:30 the following morning!  I sat around piddling on my computer for a while and eventually decided to get dressed so we could head out for a little lunch and exploring...

We ate lunch at the Canal Street Bistro.  Robby and I had eaten breakfast here before and really liked it so we decided to try lunch this time.  I had a wonderful spinach, strawberry and walnut salad with feta cheese and a strawberry vinaigrette dressing...YUM!

                     Like many restaurants in New Orleans, this one is in a cute little house.

We ate late in the day so there weren't many people there and I got this great shot of the inside of the restaurant.  LOVE those wooden floors and ceiling fans.

One of the things this little place is known for, is their fresh juice bar.  Whenever I was here before, I got a glass of their fresh squeezed orange juice and it was absolutely the BEST I had ever tasted!

I didn't have juice this time, but I think I will visit again soon to try out one of these delicious looking smoothies!

We finished up our lunch and decided to head down to Magazine Street to do a little window shopping.  Actually, I had a better idea for Codi and me...a mani and pedi was calling our names!
She had not been here long enough to even find a nail shop so I set out to find one down on Magazine Street.  I got on the computer and googled nail shops in the area and came up with one who had some great reviews; Magazine Nail and Spa.  If you are ever in the area and need your nails done, this is the place to go.

This nail salon was very nice.  It had low lighting and was very quiet that made the atmosphere relaxing.

All of the pedicure bowls were these beautiful luxurious they made you feel like a pampered princess.

                                                 And look at the set up for the pedicure...

While we were being treated like a couple of princesses, our guys were down the street at Whole Foods getting some goodies for later in the week.  Sorry I missed that trip since that is my FAVORITE grocery store...BUT a princess has to do what a princess has to do!

The guys picked us up and then Ryan called and we all began discussing dinner.  David said there were Summer Special Deals all around New Orleans at some of the best restaurants where one could get a meal anywhere from $25-$35. 

We decided on The Red Fish Grill, down on one end of Bourbon Street.  Robby and I had been there a couple of times before and knew the food would be delicious.

Here was their Summer Special.  You got to choose an appetizer, entree' and dessert...for only $35!

             This was the entree' that I chose; a red fish fried whole with fresh corn and beans.

               And, of course, I HAD to order the Double Chocolate Bread Pudding for dessert!

What a PERFECT ending to a PERFECT day in New Orleans.  Day 2, I would be traveling down to the French Quarters to do something I had been wanting to do for a while...Check in tomorrow to find out what it was!

In the meantime, here are a couple more of my "New Orleans Favorites"...

                    LOVE the BLUE DOG!  If you ever get a chance, visit the gallery here.

                  And if you're fond of hot dogs, you MUST grab a Lucky Dog from a street cart!

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