It Is Official...We Are Gypsies!

When I was a little girl, I had this book I would read about a little gypsy girl and her red shoes.  Oh, how I loved the thought of how exotic it must be to be a gypsy.  Perhaps that is what started this wanderlust of mine.  Whatever the reason, I have now deemed Robby and me "Gypsies"!

As "Empty Nesters", Robby and I are pretty much able to come and go as we please, therefore, I believe that we fit the description of "Gypsies"!  I come home trip after trip and merely throw my suitcase in my bedroom floor, empty the dirty clothes out, wash them and then throw them back in again for the next adventure. 

In the past couple of weeks, we have been in San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago and now I find myself settled in at my daughter's new home in Cleveland, Ohio.  Before climbing aboard the plane this week though, I found myself in need of a serious massage.  It seems as though scaling the side of a mountain in California had gotten the best of me.  So, I walked in and told my guy, "I need you to work your magic on my back; I'm hopping on a plane tomorrow."  He used to feel a little under pressure when I said that but this day he nodded, said OK and got to work.  I went home, iced that area down and Dr. Dave called to say that he was sending some inflammation patches for me to use...HEY!  You can't keep a gypsy down! 

The reason we were going to Chicago for two days was because the Fall Ace Show was being held there.  Justin flew out of Alexandria with Robby and me, while Codi flew out of New Orleans.  We ALL got delayed because of bad weather in Chicago (ugh...).  When we finally did arrive, we hit the ground running.  The guys and Codi had work to do; I sort of just hung around waiting to get out on the town.  Eventually I did just that and wanted to share some of my adventures with you...

                           This is a view of the lobby of our hotel in Chicago; The Radisson Blu.

The wall was decorated in gold metal coin-like material and that long piece you see running down the wall is glassed in with fire; BEAUTIFUL!

This is also part of the hotel lobby where one can see the bar and restaurant.  That wall above the stairs is completely glass with wine bottles lining it...very cool and artsy!

After checking into our hotel, we decided to go get some of that famous Chicago pizza!  The weather was cool and breezy so we decided to walk to the restaurant (something we would never consider doing in the heat of Louisiana...)

 There was a little wait to get int Giordano's Pizza so we sat outside and enjoyed the cool temperature and a drink...

                This fountain could be seen next door to the restaurant; I thought it was pretty.

After stuffing ourselves with pizza, we headed back to get some rest.  I was beat, having gotten up at 3:30 a.m. to make it to the airport at 5 that morning.  Can I tell you that this little gypsy passed out when her head hit the pillow?!

The next morning, the guys headed off to the Ace Market before we did.  Codi and I met them there and she finished up her business by about noon...NOW, it was time for a little more exploring of Chicago!  Our hotel was within walking distance of Michigan Avenue (The Miracle Mile...) so we headed that way.  Under the advice of Dr. Dave, I had traded my flip-flops in for my tennis shoes; he told me they would be better for my back.  Although, I'm not sure the amount of walking we did that day in ANY sort of shoes was good for it.  Oh well...A Gypsy's gotta do what a Gypsy's gotta do!

This was the view of the Chicago River, just across the road from our hotel, on our walk to the Miracle Mile.

If you remember correctly, THIS is the river that they dye green for St. Patty's Day.  It already looks sorta green to me...

                                      We definitely made a trek down The Miracle Mile!

Then decided we needed two things:  Lunch and we needed to see The Bean!  After consulting someone at a visitor's booth and a map, we decided to walk back across the river toward Millennium Park...

We ate a delicious lunch at Tavern at the Park, which is directly across the street from Millennium Park (where The Bean is located...).

                                                    I HAD to try the French Onion Soup...

       And this fabulous salad that included chicken, apples, strawberries and fried goat cheese.

After we finished lunch, Codi and I walked across to Millennium Park to see The Bean.

      This is a really cool sculpture!  I love the way that the city skyline of Chicago is reflected in it.

We walked underneath it and I took this picture.  Isn't it neat how you can see all of the people swirled up inside of it?!

                        And, of course, we took a picture of ourselves under The Bean too!

After viewing The Bean, we walked across the park, where we found this great amphitheater...

Apparently, they have concerts here quite often.  At the front, by the stage, there are chairs set up, but the whole lawn is open for people to bring their own blankets to lay under the stars and listen to live music.  Now WHO would choose to sit in a chair given the blanket and stars option?!

After the guys finished working for the day, we met up with them and had a nice dinner out.  Once we returned to the hotel, it was time for me to start packing my suitcase again.  The next day would find Robby and me rising early (4 a.m.!) heading to the airport again.  We would be heading to Cleveland to see Caitlin for a few days.

Chicago was fun but now I was excited to see my baby girl!  I had not seen her in a while and had never visited her new home OR Cleveland.  Ahhh...this gypsy could see another adventure coming on!  Stay tuned to explore Cleveland with me...

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