Stretching Out Our Last Two Days In Ohio...

Monday arrived and so did the work week for everybody...except me.  Caitlin is working for the company so she was busy all morning taking calls and placing orders, Robby was on the phone and his computer and Kevin had to go back to work for another 12 hour shift (can you believe that?!).  I waited patiently while everybody did their thing but when lunch time arrived I announced that it was time to get out of the house and go eat.  Caitlin had the perfect place in mind to take her dad and me...

                                                    We ate at The Tree House Tea Room.

    On the back of the menu was the history of this old house which I thought was really cool!

                     We decided to make the most of the cool weather and eat outdoors...again!

                                       I had this wonderful chicken flat bread atop a salad.

                                And Caitlin had this yummy berry cobbler with ice cream for dessert.

There was also inside seating, which I am sure we will have to take advantage of the next time I visit.

And this great little place also has a wonderful gift shop...Can you believe that Halloween decorations are already out?!  I LOVE Halloween!  I guess I will have to revisit this neat little place!

                     And how cool is this wine cellar they have set up down in the basement?

We didn't make Robby suffer through too much of our shopping on Monday but on Tuesday, he told Caitlin and me that we needed a girls' day out and that he was going to stay home and work., how sweet was that?!  We knew exactly where we would be going.  First, we would go have some yummy soup in bread bowls at Panera and then it would be off to do some antique shopping!

It was, of course, necessary to grab some of Panera's big chocolate chip cookies to take along with us!

 This was the first shop we visited, Country Store.  It was chocked FULL of all sorts of antique treasures.

I was SO excited to find two new little vintage elves to add to my Christmas collection!  I've never seen an orange one before.

This shop was also called Country Store and owned by the same gentleman.  This particular store had LOTS of great buys on furniture.  Oh how I wished I wasn't traveling by plane...

                                                              This was our next stop...

       And my next purchase!  I love vintage jewelry and know just the dress I will wear this on.

                                          This was an awesome barn filled full of antiques.

This old out house could be found between the last two shops.  Don't you love how they are already putting pumpkins out?!

                                           This is just a mini tour of what is inside the barn...

               I'm really thinking I should drive back to Ohio the next time so I can pull a trailer!

After this wonderful girls' day of antiquing, Caitlin and I had to head over to a doctor's appointment she had previously scheduled...

   And THIS is what we found...BABY JARRELL!!!  He/She will be arriving on April 4, 2013!

That's right...Robby and I are going to be Ya Ya and Poppi AGAIN...

What a wonderful end to a wonderful first trip to Ohio!  I suppose there are a FEW things I like about the north...the mild weather being one of them.  I was sad to leave Mommy Jarrell but will definitely be returning soon!

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