OH NO...My Computer Sounds Like A Rain Stick!

When Ryan was a little boy, he joined Cub Scouts.  That year he made all sorts of neat things.  The item that I like best, though was a rain stick.  Have you ever seen one of those things?  It is made out of wood and is pretty and decorative on the outside but the best thing about it is the sound it makes.  Inside the rain stick are beans or rice (I can't remember...) and when turned, it makes a sound like rain.  Well, when a rain stick makes that sound it is lovely, calm and relaxing. When a computer makes that sound you assumes it is sick.

I got this new Apple laptop for my birthday in February so it is new and I have NO IDEA why it is making this noise.  When I opened it up last night in front of Kevin he suggested I take it to the Apple Store right here in Avon Lake; he said they could probably have it fixed in 24 hours.  I perked up...YAY!  I didn't even know they had an Apple Store here; now I wouldn't have to ship if off...I know it's pretty sad but I can't bear to part with my laptop for over a day.  I will most likely have a twitching fit if they don't get it back to me by tomorrow.

In the meantime, Caitlin and I will continue to do fun things around here.  Yesterday we decided to get out and take a morning walk.  I knew that I was really going to enjoy this walk because the weather is so cool here.  There were some other little fellows enjoying a walk as well...

After getting our walk in, Caitlin and I decided to catch an afternoon movie.  I LOVE going to afternoon movies!  We went to see "The Words".  Well, it was definitely a different movie; not bad, not wonderful, probably wouldn't be one I would see again..BUT it was an afternoon at the movies with my daughter and THAT I did enjoy!

We headed home since it was almost dinner time and the aroma of the slow cooking pot roast I had started early that morning met us at the door.  I made a pot of rice and some rolls, opened a bottle of red wine that I had bought at the fall festival and prepared for a nice dinner.

Caitlin and I settled down on the couch and Kevin in his recliner to watch a movie (Well, Kevin was actually doing chart work...ugh).  Robby had sent a text earlier in the evening (not sure how he caught cell service up in the mountains of Colorado...) saying he would try to call later.  He has to drive down the mountain a bit and use the On Star phone in his truck and generally tries to check in once a day.  It was getting late here but I knew there was a time difference and he would still probably call.  When he did,  he told me they already had MANY stories to tell me when they got back but he did have to share one right then...David got chased by a bear.  "WHAT?!  Did you say he got CHASED BY A BEAR?!"  Neither David nor Justin had ever been on a Colorado hunting trip with Robby and I was concerned before they even went...and not just about bears but about getting lost.  David had also been worried about bears because I heard him asking his dad what to do if they saw a bear.  Well, THIS is what David did...He claimed that the bear had been stalking him and then the chase began.  David (who years ago had been a high school and college running back...skills one might need to have if chased by a bear) ran all the way through the woods until he reached the road, jumped into the back of someone's truck and rode for 7 miles!  I was astonished and my mouth hung open as Robby told me this "Bear Tale".  Then I immediately said, "Don't let him go off by himself again!"  OK, I realize that he is 27 years old, married and a doctor, but I AM his mother!  Robby told me not to worry, that he had not left his side since that incident (whew!).  However, David had not been the only one in their party to encounter a bear...(sigh...).

And so, today Caitlin and I will be taking my sick computer to the Apple Store and then just hanging out around here; I have something planned for almost every day I will be here.  This is both good and bad.  Good because we will be spending every minute of every day together doing fun stuff.  Bad because when I leave, I know that Caitlin will suddenly have all this time on her hands again and no one here to spend it with.  Oh well, I have already thought of that and she will be flying to meet me somewhere in October!  It is a wonderful "Girls' Trip" I have planned.  I'm not telling you all about it right now, but you are going to LOVE taking this trip with us on here...

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