Princess Parker Turns 2!

It is difficult to believe that our little Parker Ann is already turning 2. It seems like only yesterday she made her entrance into this world...and then the world, as we once knew it, changed and has never been the same.

Sarah had previously asked if we would mind hosting Parker's birthday party at out lake house in Natchitoches. Ummm...Of course, not!  So Friday afternoon found us loading up and heading to north Louisiana for the weekend.  All of my kids would be in, except for Caitlin.  I knew that she really wanted to be here so we made a plan to Skype during the party so she could see Parker open all of her presents!

And speaking of presents, I had decided many months ago that Parker needed a kitchen (doesn't every little girl?!).  I checked first to make sure that the other grandparents weren't getting her one and once I was given the green light, my search began for the "Perfect" kitchen.  I began looking at Toys R Us online and settled on one and had it shipped to the house while we were still in Ohio.  When I arrived home, I found these two HUGE boxes sitting in my garage.  WOW!  Robby would have to take the kitchen to the lake house in his truck.  After seeing how big it was, we also decided that it should be taken straight to Justin and Sarah's house the evening before the party.  That way they wouldn't have to worry about transporting it once it had been put together.

We had not seen Parker in about a week so while Robby unloaded the kitchen, I ran inside to see my sweetie pie and steal some kisses...

When I walked back outside, I found Robby fast at work starting to put the kitchen together...

                      Poppi had forgotten how many part there were to children's toys!

 See what an AWESOME kitchen this is?!  It even came with dishes, pots and pans, food AND two of the pots make sizzling and bubbling  noises!

And Parker Ann knew exactly what to do with it...even before we got it inside!

And, of course, the party was a "Dora the Explorer" one...

Complete with a "Birthday Outfit"...

Caitlin and the boys found this Dora Jeep online and had it sent to Parker...

                         WHOA!  Now this girl is gonna have the coolest kid car on the block!

But the thing she was REALLY interested in was...CUPCAKES!  When she first arrived (even before any of the other kids got there...), she was crying for CUPCAKES!!!  Well, it was her day, so I said, "Let her eat cupcakes!"

And she did just that!

OK...So you could call her the "Official Cupcake Taster"!

It was a GREAT day and as you can tell, Parker Ann had so much FUN on her 2nd birthday.  My, how time flies...2 YEARS already?!  PLEASE, let time slow down just a little bit; before you know it she will be starting school.

                                              HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, PARKER ANN!!!



  1. Happy birthday to your sweet little angle. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  2. oh no-type o, giggle angel no angle, sorry xo