I Told You Dental Implants Were No "Quick Fix"!

Yesterday Robby and I traveled to Shreveport for yet another dental appointment concerning my dental implants.  I thought I was only going for another set of impressions before the placement of my implants, however, when I arrived, I discovered that both of my implants and one of my other two crowns were ready for placement.

If you recall, it has been a little over a year since I had that horrible bone graft done and each procedure has taken months to heal until it is finally time to put my implants in.  Although I was excited to have some teeth back there (We never put a temporary back in after I swallowed the last one with a bite of my Subway sandwich...), I had made an afternoon appointment so Robby would come with me and we could look at some patio furniture to go around the pool and outside the new pool house.  Now, he would have to either sit around and wait on me or go bum around town for a while.

Well, Robby chose to go bum around town and thankfully so since I was in that dental chair for TWO HOURS (ugh!)!  By the end of those two hours, my jaw was hurting just from holding it open so long.  Unfortunately, the gum area around one of the implants had grown up around it and it had to be lasered away.  Yes, I panicked there for a minute, knowing that I was going to have an injection.  I made it through that and at the end of two hours I had three of my four teeth done!  This was exciting for me because just imagine for a second eating on one side of your mouth for over a year.

Since it was late in the afternoon by the time I finished up, Robby and I not only went to look at patio furniture but we also ate out in Bossier City.  We didn't arrive back home until 9 p.m....just in time for that numbness to be worn off...and start throbbing (sigh...).  I took some Advil (I told you there was a reason I kept it in my window sill...) and went to bed.  But I'm not complaining too much because that little bit of throbbing was nothing compared to the week-long pain I had last year with the bone graft.  I am just thankful that I only have one appointment left and this will all be over with.  Even if it wasn't a "Quick Fix"!

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  1. Wow, you were able to look for patio furniture and even found the time to eat out after your dental appointment, huh? You've just gone to the dentist, so I expected you'd just wish to go home afterwards. Keeping busy with other things is one way to endure the pain, I guess. Hehe! So, how was it so far? I hope that you're doing great, Barbara!

    Kent Davis @ Dentures Done Right