Baby Luv Turns ONE!

They are mistaken when they say there are only four chambers to the human heart.  For a grandmother must surely have one for each grandchild.  Somehow those helpless little creatures come into our world and immediately wiggle themselves into our very souls and we wonder how we ever managed to live without them.  Today, my middle grandchild turns one.  And it is true that "time waits for no man" because it seems like only yesterday we were sitting around waiting for her to be born.  I still consider myself fortunate to have been invited in to help my daughter labor and eventually deliver Holli; it is an experience that I will remember and cherish forever.  And that's what also makes today a little sad for me since I could not travel to Ohio to be with her for her first "real" birthday.  And by "real", I mean the party that she will have on her given birth date.  Oh, Caitlin, Kevin and Holli will all fly here on Good Friday to be with all of us for the Easter weekend and we will have another party for her with her "southern" family and friends.  And I am excited about that fact and Holli is one lucky little girl to be having TWO parties this year.  It's just that I feel like I ought to be there "with" her in person on the celebration of her very first birthday.  However, I realize that it would not be feasible for us to be there when they will be flying here shortly.  And so, since I could not be there, I decided that I should at least send her, her first birthday gift!  I ran down to the store and bought everything I thought a little Birthday Princess would need for her first birthday party, took it to the post office and then waited for it to arrive in Ohio.  Caitlin let her take the items out herself and you can see that she seemed to know just what to do with them...

                                                                   A Birthday Tutu!!!
                                                                      And headband...

                                                      "Hey, Look at all this neat stuff!

                                                       "But the hat is my FAVORITE!"

                                                            "Yes, I am a PRINCESS."
                              "Another photo shoot (sigh...).  I should be getting paid for this."
                "Ummm, yes, that IS a silver rattle I'm holding; I TOLD you I was a PRINCESS."
               "Oh, I LOVE dressing up!  Daddy, one day you are going to be in BIG trouble!"

         "And my Mam-Maw sent me this funny singing card; I think I LOVE birthdays!"

Well, I just couldn't help myself, as you can clearly see.  And this is only for Party #1...Just wait until you see what I have in store for Party #2!

Holli Bug, you sure have carved out your very own special place in YaYa's heart forever in this one short year.  I love you more than I could ever explain in words and wish you A VERY HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!

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  1. Raylyn loves her rattle right now too. I knew they would. She is the cutest!