Beckett's Birthday on the Bayou!

Birthdays around our house are pretty special.  Beckett turned one on the 5th of July and I realize that I am a little late with this post but as they say, "Better late than never!"  And this 1st birthday party was a really unique one with Codi making LOTS of the decorations, herself and spending just as much time planning and implementing the party.  So, here ya go... BECKETT'S BIRTHDAY ON THE BAYOU!

Living in Louisiana was the inspiration for the theme of this party and here are some photos of the SUPER CUTE decorations...
                                                        It all started with this invitation!
               The party was outside and this display could be found where the guests entered.
             Codi made this banner.  Each triangle held Beckett's monthly photo for his 1st year.
                 She also made these "Bayou Themed" party hats for the other children at the party.
                          Treats of gummy worms and such could be found on the entrance table.
   Along with these adorable tackle boxes containing gummy worms and goldfish, tied with a bobber.
 And my FAVORITE photo of the "Birthday Boy"!  This says it all..."Mommy, I'm SO over taking these birthday photos!"
                                         Here is another view of his monthly photo banner.
            Beckett's birthday poster sat over by his cake and contained memories of all his 1st's.
                Here is a close up shot of some more party hats that Codi made; SUPER CUTE, huh?
                   And here is the birthday cake, sitting on an old stump, surrounded with moss.
                          Beckett had his own birthday hat, bib and banner for his high chair.
                                                   He had a ball opening all of his gifts!
                             Notice his cute birthday outfit with the smocked crawfish on it!
                           Before he dug into his cake, Beckett took some shots with his daddy...
                                                         And both great-grandmothers...
                                                               And, of course, YaYa!
                                                                      And Poppi too.

                                                        And then it was CAKE TIME...
                                                          He finally decided to dig in!
                                                              And it was YUMMY!
                                                                 Sweet little family.
                               This little boy sure does love his daddy.  You can't tell, can you?!


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