Dads on the Beach Bring a Different Kind of FUN!

The first two days of our trip all of the guys got up at the crack of dawn and went fishing.  Did they catch anything?  Yes.  But they had to google photographs of the fish to see what they were.  No, we didn't eat them.  We didn't even know if they were eatable.  So, when Tuesday rolled around everyone slept in a little later and we ALL went to the beach.  And with that came a special brand of "playing" that can only be found when daddies are around...

And then when we all got cleaned up afterwards, we decided to make a little trip to the outlet mall.  Well, all except for the two "Super Hero Dads"(Robby and David) who stayed home with Holli and Beckett to let them nap.  However, before we got home these text messages began to appear on the screens of our phones...
                                                                 ICE CREAM TIME!!!
                                                       At least they put bibs on them.

                                                 And then came the "Sugar High Dance"...

These are the things vacations are made of.  And daddies, well, they just bring a different kind of fun to the table.

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