"Strawberry Fields Forever..."

"Strawberry Field Forever."  Yep!  Don't you love just love and think of that old Beatles song whenever you think of strawberry fields?  Strawberries are the only thing that Parker Ann ever wants her dad to grow in their garden and this year Caitlin has planted strawberries in pots on her deck.  Holli goes over every day and stands there and looks at them.  She stomps her feet and says, "strawberries!"  I wondered what all of that was about and Caitlin explained to me that she tells her not to touch the strawberry plants.  I laughed as I sat there and watched her.  One day I got this cute video of her standing next to the strawberry plants...
                   Yea, I don't think she is too worried about touching those strawberry plants!

When I found out there was a strawberry patch in Cleveland where we could go pick our own strawberries, I decided we HAD to go.  We gave the lady ten bucks, she gave us a basket and we walked out to the field where we proceeded to pick some delicious strawberries.  And take some pretty neat pictures too...

                             Armed with our basket, we set out to pick some strawberries!
 We let Holli walk through the fields.  These were going to be some strawberries she would be allowed to touch!
 And touch them, she did!  She didn't let go of these strawberries as she walked through the fields.
I thought it would be a great idea to let Holli sit down with the basket of strawberries and take some pictures of her...
                  Poppi had an even better idea; he poured all of the strawberries out of the basket!
And then after getting home that evening,  Kevin edited one of these photos that I think deserves to be framed...

We had gotten pretty hot out there picking strawberries so we decided to head on over to Crocker Park for a little splash pad fun!
When we were finished having splash pad fun, we strolled around, shopping for a while...
  But at the end of the day, it was all about the Oreo cookie that put this tired little one to sleep.

I was sad to have to go back to Caitlin's and begin packing to head back to the south.  But this had been a good trip with some great old and new adventures.

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