Losing Track of Time on the Beach...

It didn't take long for me to already lose track of what day it was.  All day yesterday I thought it was Monday and as I was walking on the beach this morning I thought it was Tuesday and pleasantly surprised and excited to find that it was only Monday!  I suppose that's how it goes (and rightly should...) on a vacation.  Yesterday was our first day on the beach, followed by some pretty serious play time with my babies.  Parker Ann felt she needed a little "YaYa  Time" and requested at one point that we go to my room to play.  Well, of course, I took her upstairs and after we had been playing for a while, the door opened and in walked the other two little munchkins!  I wondered how they had made it to the third story when Poppi's head popped around the corner; "They were just standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up..."  And so it began; the chasing, tickling, playing hide-n-seek.  An absolute infinity amount of FUN!  And at the end of the day when all of them were bathed, smelling sweet and put into their pajamas they came one by one to crawl into my lap before bedtime.  Parker Ann looked at first at my crowded chair and said, "YaYa, Is there room in there for one more kid?"  All I can say is that they totally melt my heart.

Here are some of the photos that I have taken on the beach; I hope you enjoy!
Bringing this little blow up swimming pool to put under an umbrella was one of the best ideas we had!
Parker Ann has never been interested in getting in the water until this year.  Aunt CaCa took her out to ride the waves...
Sarah and Parker Ann.  I took this precious picture of mommy and daughter.  This will be Parker's last year to be an only child.
                    And Holli did not want to go in the water at all.  Instead she played in the sand.
                                             Beckett, on the other hand LOVES the waves!
                 Spending time with my babies and losing track of time.  That's what it's all about. 

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