5 Weeks of Traveling: Cleveland. Music, a Picnic in the Park and the Library

There are so many things one can do with young children and I so enjoyed some of the same simple activities with my children that I see my children doing with their own children now. And most of the best things are FREE!  Caitlin wanted to try out a preschool music class to see if Holli would like it. As it turned out, they offered the first class free of charge.  It was held at a place called Gymboree.  Parents and grandparents had to stay and participate with the children.  Having previously been a piano and Kindermusik teacher I was anxious to see what this class was like.
     The class was a little bit of a slow start but Holli soon warmed up and enjoyed playing with some rhythm instruments, dancing and chasing bubbles.  

When music class was over, and since it was such a beautiful, crisp autumn day, we decided to grab lunch and take it to the park for a picnic...
             There were ducks everywhere and Holli had so much fun feeding them bread.
                                        And what a beautiful setting for a picnic this was!
The playground caught Holli's eye right away and we weren't getting out of there without a little play time!

The library was right across the street and we had packed up her books up to return. This library had such a cute children's area and we spent a good bit of time there...

If we had taken it easy the day before, we had a pretty busy day.  And nothing cost a penny except for lunch.  More young parents should take the time to get out of the house and away from televisions and  electronics and enjoy not only outdoor activities but the free resources their communities have to offer. What a fun and relaxing day!

No baby yet but at least we are enjoying the wait!

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