5 Weeks of Traveling: Cleveland. Trick-R-Treating!

After having such a fun day out on Friday, poor little Holli Bug started running fever that night and into the next morning.  Besides having a bit of a runny nose (which, unfortunately I have too), her tummy was bothering her.  However, as the day wore one and she began to feel a little better, Caitlin and I decided to take her to Crocker Park where they were having Trick-R-Treating.
                                  Doesn't this sad little face just break your heart?
                                                           Now, this is much better!
We keep taking a pictures of Caitlin with Holli saying, "This could be your last day as an only child."  I think, however, that Andrew is going to hang on until Poppi arrives on Wednesday.
                                         Crocker Park was all decked out for Halloween!
Tinker Bell had a great time and we ran home quickly to pick her daddy up so he could join us for a little more Halloween fun at the Expo Center that evening.
Caitlin was given tickets so we could attend this indoors Halloween event which was a lot like a carnival, complete with rides and Trick-R-Treating for candy. 
When we got ready to leave it had begun to rain.  And it was turning much colder.  We had gotten a lot done...Just in case Andrew decided to come early.

Sunday morning Kevin had to work so we girls decided to go out for brunch at First Watch...
It had turned much cooler overnight.  It was a crisp 54 degrees.  Yep...I should've worn my coat!
While we were waiting for a table this little munchkin was hugging me and saying, "My YaYa".  Hmmm...I think the others might have something to say about that.  BUT...it sure makes a YaYa feel good!

We grocery shopped after brunch and I was SURE Andrew might come on this lazy afternoon but NOPE.  We continue to wait...



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