Sometimes Rest is Called For...

As I mentioned before I caught some sort of "stomach thing"...which by the way, lasted an ENTIRE WEEK (ugh!).  I fought my way through that weekend with fever and stomach cramps but with some good medication I was able to function pretty well.  Functioning pretty well, however, does nothing for allowing one's body to heal and THAT I found out the hard way.

As you may well know, I'm getting ready to head to Cleveland for the birth of our 6th grandchild, Andrew.  From there, Hubby and I will head to France, where we will meet friends and board a Viking Cruise Line to sail around France for 10 days.  We will return to Paris for a couple more days and then I will spend another week in Cleveland, flying back in time for my house!  SO...that sorta tells you where I'm at and heaven knows I just didn't have time for that annoying stomach bug.  By Monday I was not running fever any more but still could not really hold much food down.  It was time for a check-up with my asthma doctor, whose family is also friends with us.  I was in great hopes I could get my flu shot because I definitely needed it before my travels.  Unfortunately he not only said I had to wait another week but he also sent me home to rest.  REST?!  What a novel idea.  That order was followed by, "And if I see you out and about on Facebook I'm going to hunt you down."  Hmmm...Well, I could either "rest" OR just not post anything on Facebook.  I decided that I better rest since I was going to be pretty busy in the near future and really needed to get to feeling better.

And so I sat around and knitted and watch episodes of Lost and piddled around, putting out some more of my fall decorations.  This "resting" business was harder than I thought it was going to be.  I was used to getting up and going to yoga or the gym, running errands around town and so I thought, "What will it hurt to get out just a little?"  Well, seems it did hurt after all.  I never know when my Meniere's is going to act up and it chose the tail end of this virus (ugh!)  The vertigo and nausea was with me for about two days...and then by Friday I felt like I was going to live.  By Friday afternoon I asked to pick Parker Ann up early from school so we could watch the Homecoming Parade for the high school Ryan and Caitlin attended.  We walked across the street to the park where I knew it would be coming.  Unfortunately, the weather here is still not cool as you can see by Parker's rosy cheeks in these pictures...

Sarah asked me if I'd like to go early Saturday morning to the pumpkin patch with her and the girls and I agreed.  I was so thankful that it was cooler early that morning and there was a nice breeze...

Parker Ann and Livie ended up spending the night with us on Saturday.  It was Ryan's 10th high school reunion so he and Allison went out to have fun with friends.  Sunday lunch was not homemade this week but it WAS Sunday lunch with the family nevertheless.  We picked up Chinese...HEY! I told you these people aren't picky...It's FREE FOOD.  I found that food still wasn't settling with me very well so I still had to watch what I ate.  I NEEDED to get over that because the Macaroons in France were definitely already calling my name.  However, for now I would settle for a nice homemade creamy chicken soup (I would be happy to share the recipe if you'd like.)...which Hubby made for me that evening.

And now I find myself finishing another week.  I looked at my calendar yesterday and am pretty sure that I will be wishing for someone to tell me to slow down and rest.  But it is a race now.  I've got to get serious about packing because I leave in just a few days and won't be back until the week of Thanksgiving!  I'm really not a list maker but I think perhaps I should consider one this time?!

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