5 Weeks of Traveling: Cleveland NO BABY YET

Yesterday I went with Caitlin to her weekly doctor's appointment to check on the progress of Andrew.  We found out that she is now 1 1/2 cm. dilated and was told we could expect him any day now!  I'm excited for his arrival yet I know that babies have a mind of their own and I predict he will come when we least expect it.  So our daily routine continues here but with a little less activity than when I was here before.  There have been no outings to the park or hiking. Although Holli has begged for them. We did, however, go down to Crocker Park for a couple of hours after the doctor's appointment.  Mainly for the purpose of getting pedicures!

After our pedicures we walked over to the book store to grab a coffee.  The weather is so nice here; an actual autumn. 
        I must say it was a pretty nice day.  But still no Baby Andrew.  Poppi thinks he won't arrive until he gets here. Next week!  Oh well, you can't rush a baby but I'm here, settled in and on call.

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