5 Weeks of Traveling: Cleveland. Waiting on a Baby

Well, today is the due date for Baby Andrew.  But it appears that he has other plans for the day so far.  Robby arrived yesterday and said, "OK, I'm here...you can have the baby now."  

Caitlin, who never rises early, was up first this morning with shower taken ready to go to town and "walk a baby out".  It was in the 40's with winds about 25 mph and the PERFECT morning for lazing around with hot coffee (sigh...).  However, that was not to be with daughter and dad chomping at the bit to get out of the house.
                                        Poppi and Holli having dessert after lunch today...

With the change of weather, Holli is currently protesting the change from wearing her favorite denim shorts to wearing a heavy coat.  I'm right there with ya, Holli.  We did get out and walk around most of the day but there are still no signs of a baby being born today.  The plan is that if in fact he does not come today, Caitlin will go on the monitor tomorrow morning and schedule to be induced on Halloween.  Yep, there's a good possibility we will have a Halloween Baby!

Meanwhile we wait.  And waiting for a baby to arrive is sort of like watching a pot of water and waiting for it to boil.  You know it's going to happen soon but it seems like forever...

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