5 Weeks of Traveling: From Louisiana to Cleveland, France and Back!

Whew!  Yesterday was a pretty long day.  I got up at 3:30 a.m. To get on a 6 O'clock flight heading to Cleveland. Usually I go straight from Alexandria to Dallas and then on to Cleveland, arriving before noon.  For some odd reason though, I could not get a direct flight from Dallas and instead had to go through Charlotte, NC and THEN on to Cleveland (ugh!).  More stops, more that can possibly go wrong , navigating an airport I'd never been in before AND an arrival time of almost 3 p.m.!  Well, I made it without any problems. However, my luggage did not...CRAP.  It literally had EVERYTHING in it.  So much that it was 12 pounds overweight (yikes!).  But come on...5 weeks is a LONG TIME.  And France...This came on the heels of me mentally kicking myself for filling my LARGE Vera Bradley bag as a carry-on and possibly dislocating my shoulder and breaking my back by carrying it through those airports.  It was around 8 p.m.  I went to bed shortly after getting it back to Caitlin's house.  Only to find that TSA had searched said missing luggage and the inside was a total mess.  Yep...chock it up as  a travel day, go to bed and get up to a hopefully better next day.

The night before I left, I asked the other kids to come over for burgers and s'mores.  I was going to miss doing Halloween with them and HEY...5 weeks is a long time to be away from my other babies (as Parker Ann reminded me...).  They surprised me by all bringing the Halloween costumes I had bought them and tried them on so I could see them...
                                                Parker Ann wanted to be Ariel.
                                                    Lila Kate was a little lamb.
                                                          Livie was a peacock!
And, although Beckett wasn't  there, he sent me a picture of him in his cute little pilot costume!
  We had fun spending some time together...
                                    AND had some of those yummy s'more I promised!

So...here I am in Cleveland now.  Waiting for the arrival of Andrew.  And playing with this sweet little one...
                                Yep...Hot Chocolate fro Starbuck's was first on the agenda!

I plan on trying to document my entire travel as long as my blogger app works in France.  So, feel free to "follow" me on here, my Instagram (BARBARAROGENMOSER) or Facebook page (A Day in the Life of a Mom)

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