How Many Bottles Of Water And Kashi Bars Does It Take To Make Jet Lag GO AWAY?!

I woke up Sunday morning in my own bed, after FINALLY making it back from San Diego to find that during the night apparently some vehicle had run over me repeatedly.  I felt REALLY bad and couldn't imaging why.  Perhaps it was the long flying day I had, had the day before or maybe that nutritious dinner of Doritos, Peanut M&M's and Skittles.  Whatever the problem was...I was feeling pretty terrible.

I rolled over in the bed and looked out my bedroom door and saw that Robby was already up, dressed and reading the paper.  He and Ryan would be going to take care of the little kiddies in our Sunday School class since I still had pink eye and was unable to go.  I would drop them off and make my dreaded trip to the grocery store while they were there (ugh...).

Going to the grocery store is not my most favorite thing to do on a GOOD day, but feeling like I was, I had doubts that I would even be able to physically make it through there without throwing up.  I didn't want to be a whiner because Robby would then tell me to just stay home and he would grocery shop after he was finished with Sunday School.  I could do this...I was a BIG GIRL.  So, I poured myself a cup of coffee and grabbed a Kashi Bar and walked out on the back patio.  WOW!  I sure missed that cool, refreshing air from San Diego...I felt sure the temperature would be close to 100 today!  The guys hollered to say they were ready to leave; I grabbed one more cup of coffee, slipped my sunglasses on and crept into the car.

Once I dropped them off at church, I made my way down the street to the grocery store.  Looking at the parking lot, I could tell the store was thankfully not crowded...that was a positive.  As I started shopping, I did not begin to feel better, but instead wondered what would happen if I threw up or passed out in there...WHAT in the WORLD was wrong with me?  It was later in the afternoon that it hit me...I had jet lag.

How was it possible that I had jet lag?  I didn't even have it that bad when I had gone to Italy, but I KNEW that was what it had to be.  I fought it for a while, but then decided to just give in for the day.  I fixed myself a plate of cheese, crackers, blackberries, olives and ice water ('s better than the Doritos and candy from the night before...) and headed out to the pool.  I ate my lunch and then because it was SO hot, grabbed my float and got in the water.  I just floated around for the longest while, but it was hard to mind just kept running around thinking about all the things I had to do on Monday morning.  Eventually, I got out of the pool, cranked the umbrella up, got on my chair and fell into a fitful sleep.

It was much later that evening (after several more bottles of water...) that I felt like I was going to live; NOTE TO SELF:  Drink more water the next time I fly.  I kept watching the kitchen clock, attempting to get back on Central Time.  I went to bed around 10:30...and was up again by 1 a.m. (sigh...).  Getting out of bed to drink a little more water, I opened my bedroom door to wander into the kitchen.  There I found Ryan still up working on speakers for his car and Caitlin surfing the Internet...they were having trouble with their internal time clocks too.  I grabbed a mini French toast cupcake that Caitlin had made earlier in the evening, popped it into my mouth and plodded back to my room.  I found a show on T.V., propped my pillows up and dozed back off to sleep at some point.

I MADE myself sleep in Monday morning; I KNEW this was important if I was EVER to get back on schedule.  When I got out of bed, I felt MUCH better than I had the day before!  Well, our FIRST "BIG, FAT FAMILY VACATION" was over and had been a GREAT success.  Now, I had about 6 weeks to recharge my battery before I headed out for our SECOND "BIG, FAT FAMILY VACATION"!

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