"Picture" Perfect Father's Day...

Father's Day turned out GREAT here with my crew.  All of the kids were able to make it in and the day was a full one.  It started out with coffee in bed with Robby before any of the kids woke up.  We drank our java out of the coffee cup souvenirs that we brought home from San Diego while we dreamed of those cooler temperatures we were experiencing only a week ago.  I gave Robby a card and 3 new framed photos for his desk.

After breakfast, Robby and I headed off to church where the rest of our crew met us for a wonderful worship service.  After church we did something that we rarely all do together...go out to eat lunch...10 adults plus a baby!  Oh, but don't worry, I would never plan such a thing without calling the day before to make a reservation.  I wasn't really sure if Outback would take a reservation, but THAT would be the ONLY way we were all going to be able to eat out.

After lunch, we headed back to the house where Father's Day gifts were presented and pictures were taken.  Parker Ann had fallen asleep and was taking her afternoon nap, so we were going to have to wait until she got up to take those pictures.  Ryan was sullenly packing his car since he had to start back to school on Monday morning.  I was feeling a little sad that his summer was over; I wasn't ready for him to leave just yet.  Knowing that he had a 3 hour drive ahead of him, he was ready to get those pictures taken and get on the road.  He told me that we needed to wake Parker up and I'm not saying that he did it, but soon after he said that (and then disappeared around the corner...), she woke up.  I got some shots of all the "Rogenmoser's" and then one of just Robby and the kids and finally a 4 generation picture of Robby, his dad, Justin and Parker Ann.

Ryan headed back to New Orleans, Sarah, Justin and Parker set out for Natchitoches and so did David and Codi.  Oh, did I forget to mention that David and Codi will be living in our lake house for the next month?  He is scheduled to begin his rural medicine rotation in Leesville Monday. THAT made me happy because I would get to see him more often now.

Although the day had been a good one, as a mom, I could see things shifting and changing right before my eyes and I was experiencing a wide range of feelings.  On the one hand, I was very happy that we were all able to spend the day together, but I was really sad that Ryan was going back home.  I was also happy that David and Codi would be closer to home for a month and we would get to share some time with them.  Caitlin was working for Justin at the ACE store every day and I would now be by myself most days.  Oh well, I suppose that's just the way life is...the world doesn't stop or even slow down for us even if we want it to.  That's why we must learn to enjoy and cherish every moment we have to spend with our loved ones.

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