It Can All Be Blamed On The "American Idol" Finale!!!

It was two days after I had decided to become a runner and I was already beginning to feel a little pain.  The American Idol Finale was in progress and THAT'S where I saw them...WASHBOARD ABS!  I knew right away that was going to mean more trouble for me.

For the last several years I have wanted washboard abs.  When I first began working out with my trainer, he made me write down 3 things that I wanted to work on most and on that list was abs.  What I actually told him was, "I want a 6-pack".  To which he replied, "You need to run down to the store to get that."  Hmph!  I wasn't willing to give up on wishing and hoping and desperately TRYING to get those awesome abs!  So, when a group of dancers took the stage at the American Idol finale, THAT was the first thing that caught my eye.

This girl dancer had a cropped top on and she had one of the most ripped set of abs I have ever seen.  I don't even remember who those dancers were performing with because I was so distracted by those abs.  I even told Robby..."I want those abs!"  He looked at me with a smirk and as the dancers exited the stage, even Ryan Seacrest said, "Nice Abs!"  HA!  That did it.  At that very moment, I began trying to figure out what I needed to do to get abs that looked like hers. 

I asked Robby if he though it was possible for me to get abs like that dancer had and he said, "Not with the trainer you have."  Hmmm...I thought for a minute and said, "What about YOUR trainer?  Do you think HE could get me those abs?"  He replied by saying, "You would need a trainer who would make you dance for 6 hours a day and then kick your butt for another 2 hours a day."  I thought for another minute and said, " you think there is anybody out there like that?"  "There's only ONE person who could do that...", he said.  And that's when I said, "NO WAY!  I will NEVER work out with Conan again!"  He chuckled.  Conan is not his "real" name; just one I called him.  He's the guy that Robby bought me training sessions with 6 weeks after Caitlin was born.  Let it suffice to say that he was a BEAST.  He caused me to almost pass out and my breast milk to go sour.  If he was the only one who could get me those abs, I would just have to never have them.

Although Robby thought my idea to get those "washboard abs" was a bit unrealistic, he set me up before I ever got to the gym the next morning.   By the time I arrived, my usually docile trainer had fire in his eyes.  He announced that I better be ready because he had a severe ab workout planned for me.  I told him...WONDERFUL!  I'm up for the challenge!!  I did EVERYTHING he told me to do and left that day with him telling me to let him know if I was sore; if I wasn't, we could increase the intensity of the workout.  Well, I wasn't that sore, and since he was going to be out of town for my next session, I decided that I would work out with Robby's trainer the next week.  THAT workout was TODAY.

Robby's trainer knew about my little "abdominal fantasy" and was ready to give it a shot, himself.  WOW!  He had the "working my butt" off part down pat.  My entire body was soaked with sweat by the time he got finished with me and as I threw that last weighted ball, I laid back and said..."Now, THAT was an ab workout!"  I felt pretty worn out, but planned on returning to Zumba that afternoon with Caitlin.  I almost decided not to go, but in the end we headed back to the gym.  After all, Zumba was a dance class and it was fun.  When we got in the room to begin the class, I noticed a new instructor was teaching the class.  15 minutes before the class ended, she told us all to get a mat and get on the floor.  Hmmm...that was different...were we about to break dance?  Then she said, "We're going to do some ab work."  My first instinct was to just sneak out of the door while everybody else was getting their mats.  Then I decided to to take the positive approach and said, "Oh well...what's a little more ab work?  It will only serve to get me those washboard abs a little sooner!"

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