It's As Hot As Blue Blazes In Da Boot!, it's hot here in the south...REALLY HOT!  Every day the temperatures have been in excess of 100 degrees.  When one walks outside, it feels as though the skin might just burn right off of your body.  Even in the mornings when the wind may be is HOT!  It feels like a convection oven.  And there has been NO rain in sight for months now.  OH...and the FIRST day of SUMMER has just arrived (sigh...).  When it gets THAT hot...plans begin to change.

Remember that I mentioned another "Big, Fat, Family Vacation" was being planned for the end of July?  Well, originally we had considered going to an island; Grand Cayman or St. Martin.  I say "originally considered"...that is until a couple of days ago!

I already had our travel agent working on our second vacation (remember, David did not get to go on the first one...).  EVERYONE else had decided that they all wanted to come didn't matter WHERE we were going, they just wanted to go!  So, thinking that perhaps the guys could do a little scuba diving and we could enjoy a little down time at the beach, Robby instructed everyone who didn't have a passport, to get one.  I had already begun to worry a little bit about that tropical vacation plan due to hurricane season.  Then after playing in a golf tournament on Saturday, Robby came in and announced that he was NOT going to a HOT location for vacation number 2.  Hmmm...I wondered what he had in mind, but was a little afraid to ask.  I KNEW what this meant; everyone was NOW going to try to put in THEIR 2 cents concerning a "new" vacation location...and if you have 10 people, you have 10 different opinions of where to go (sigh...).

My sage advice to those who also have a "Big, Fat Family" is DO NOT engage in a "discussion" when trying to determine the possible location for a family vacation!  Simply do your own research...make a decision...and GO WITH IT!  If they want to participate in it (which of course they will; you're paying...) fine...SO, here's a little how the chaotic discussion concerning vacation went:  I wanna go on an Alaskan cruise...NO!  I get sick on cruises AND I wanted to wear sandals and shorts on this vacation.  I wanna go to Hawaii...THAT flight is too long! cool is it in Scotland?  How about Argentina?  WHAT?!  Have you people LOST YOUR MINDS???  I was getting more than a little stressed out just being in the room while this whole discussions was going on!

Well, I didn't really put in MY 2 cents, however, I DID send an e-mail out to our travel agent to tell her that the beach vacation was scratched; I didn't know WHERE we would be going at this point, but a decision had to be made ASAP...the last week of July was coming quickly! any of YOU have a "new vacation destination" to suggest???

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