You're GONNA Eat My Creme Brulee'!!!

Everyone knows that Robby is the "cook" in our family.  He is just SO good at it.  Oh, I can put a meal on the table, but where I have creativity in other areas, I just don't have any in the cooking department.  The kids (well, at least 3 of them...) have learned how to be pretty good cooks, themselves, from Robby. 

Often times, the kids will call and ask Robby for one of his recipes or his advice on how he would prepare a dish.  I friends laugh because they very rarely call to ask for one of my recipes.  Caitlin is the newest person in the family to get the "cooking fever".  I call it the "cooking gene" since they apparently inherited the desire to cook from their father.  Anyway, Caitlin found an app on her i-phone (Big Oven; it's free...try it!) that had a recipe for her favorite dessert; creme brulee'.

Creme Brulee' is both Robby and Caitlin's favorite dessert, hands down.  Oh, they ALWAYS insist on looking at the dessert menu, but in the end, I KNOW they are going to choose the creme brulee'.  So, the last time that Caitlin visited Kevin, she found the recipe on "Big Oven", made it and they both raved about it so much, that we all couldn't wait for her to get back and make it for us.  While we were in San Diego, she purchased all of the ingredients and did just that.

Now, there is something you need to know about Caitlin.  She treats her sister-in-laws like she would any one of her other siblings; she is VERY open, honest and often times brutal with them.  This is something that only a sibling can do.  Robby and I sort of tend to walk on eggshells where the daughter-in-laws are concerned.  I don't imagine that they would take kindly to us speaking to them the way Caitlin does.  So, when it came to eating her creme brulee', things were no different.

We were all out eating dinner and the creme brulee' was at home...waiting for us to eat it.  THAT'S when Robby's mother made the mistake of asking for a dessert menu.  Caitlin's head whipped around as she said, "You better NOT be ordering any dessert...I've got creme brulee' made at home!"  Well, suffice it to say that  Mimi ordered 2 orders of chocolate souffle' for the table.  And the conversation that immediately ensued became QUITE HEATED!  Caitlin informed everyone at the table that if they took one bite of that souffle', they were NOT going to get a bite of her creme brulee'.  "I made creme brulee' and you're GONNA eat IT!", she said.  They commented that SURELY she wasn't serious...OH, but she WAS!  As Codi snuck her spoon toward that chocolate dessert, Caitlin threatened her by declaring, "Touch that dessert and I will chop your hands off!" THAT appeared to by serious to ME...and Sarah too, who absolutely LOVES chocolate and  was pretty sad that she couldn't have a bite.

We got home and she caramelized that sugar on top of her creme brulee' and  got spoons out and gathered around to see if it was REALLY worth all the threats and wait.  And those who had eaten the "other" dessert?....Well, they thought that they would get to sneak a bite the next night.  Caitlin was right, though...they didn't, because while Robby was cooking dinner, he stuck it in the oven to caramelize the sugar on the remainder of it...forgot it was in there...and sorta burned it! (oops...)  Oh well, for those of us who were fortunate enough to taste it...YUMMY!  It was DELICIOUS!
Codi watches as Caitlin prepares her Creme Brulee'

Caitlin warns Codi, "If you touch that dessert, I'll chop your hands off!"

Sarah REALLY wanted some of that chocolate dessert!

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